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TowForce T-Shirt Tuesday Drawing 05.19.20

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Davidmar168 you have 48 hours to claim your T-Shirt in reply to this post.


To Enter next weeks drawing you must add a reply in the Roll Call before July 1, 2020.

Note: The sooner members reply in the current Roll Call the better the odds of your screen name being drawn.



Good Luck and don't dismiss the current TowForce Supporter Level Discount Code. Without you this is not possible!


So please consider a contribution today also current supporters due for renewal can also use this discount code.


This code is valid through the end of May. CODE: TF40OFF


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Savannah, you did good good girl seeing how you haven't been doing these regularly for awhile. We're all in this with you young lady, hoping you get to go on a mission trip real soon. How, I have to go reply to the Roll Call... Take care I'll try to get in here much more, business is coming back as more people get in their vehicles. i swear the forgot how to drive.

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The mail goes out on Friday, Davidmar168 I will have your shirt in there as well. Thanks for the prompt response.


There will be another T-Shirt drawing from the expanding roll call next Tuesday. Only one roll call entry per member.

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