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I had an interesting tow.

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It was a Motorhome at the Port of Oakland going from one yard to another. It was used as a sleeping quarters for truckers of a company. They were trying to get it to the other yard on its own power when it just stopped and died. It would not turn on anymore.




Bob told me to take #130 and head to an address. Once I got there I saw the vehicle and got into position to hook it up. Once I got it hooked up I tried to move it forward and backward to see if the brakes were the problem. The owners released some brake fluid from the lines. That didn't solve the problem though, so I took a quick look at the back and saw it was a pusher motor. I was not going to hook this thing from the back and tow it that way, that is not going to happen.






Thank goodness I have the experience to know what to look for. I saw that the driveshaft lead to an emergency brake drum before the transmission. I pulled on the cable and it was tight, so I was hoping that when I removed the pin the brake would release and the vehicle would roll. Of course it rolled freely when I did that and I was able to take it to their new yard at the Port.






They were so happy I was able to put it where they wanted it and told me I did perfectly. Sadly, I was reminded of the times we are in now looking at the ships in the background. There are still people dressed in all white walking around adorned with masks on those ships.



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Thanks for sharing ... especially the picture of the transmission brake-bell where the non-Ebrake cable attaches. Because there are plenty of old-style motorhomes that don't have air-brakes, that picture is worth it's weight in gold. Imagine not getting the bell-brake completely released only to see the RV on-fire in the wrecker's mirrors.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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