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TowForce Supporter Discount Code! ENDS MAY 31, 2020


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A New Supporter Level Discount Code has been created.


If you missed the first discount code a 40% OFF any TowForce Patron or Sponsor Level code has been added and is good through the end of May. TowForce values all our members and supporters who make this community possible.


Without our many supporters we are unable to cover the cost of the network operation. Also, attending towing events would be limited  Although, we decided to not extend the previous discount we have chosen to offer another special code to those who didn't get in on the previous offer. Things are going to come back one way or another, we are witnessing the limits of the American People and just how long they will conform to having their rights suspended or taken away. Whose ready for a Tow Show in the Fall?


The Code is: TF40OFF


This discount code is only available through the TowForce Store - https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/


Thank you, for being an part of the only active message board in the industry.

Companies seeking further information regarding sponsor levels should contact the site administrator.

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Tow411 was popular until the system failed and TowForce needed to be created intelligently.

Your Support is needed to continue our success and fund the community expenses. Thanks

Current Discount Code ends May 31st, 2020 and is good for both Patron & Sponsor Levels.

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I encourage those on this network to support TowForce.net via patron/sponsorship! 


Our industry NEEDS this type of online forum to be able to collectively network with other tow companies from across the country! It's these types of efforts that our industry NEEDS to leverage to help unify our industry and pull it from the broken factions that we operate and to encourage comradely and communication among our industry. We NEED TO UNITE AND WORK TOGETHER TO ACTIVELY PROTECT OUR INDUSTRY! IF WE FAIL TO DO SO, THEN THOSE WHO SEEK TO CONTROL OUR INDUSTRY FOR THEIR BENEFIT WILL CONTINUE TO SWOOP IN AND CAPITALIZE, RESULTING IN BROAD MARKET DOMINANCE, WHILE STOMPING ON OUR VOICES! IF WE FAIL AT THIS TASK, OUR INDUSTRY WILL LOOK A WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT IN 10-15 YEARS FROM NOW! PLEASE HEED MY WARNING!


We need to work to again have to open dialogues and discussions that we once had on Tow411. I fully acknowledge that our lives ever continue to become "busier and busier" with work, family life and all those other daily tasks and priorities that we place on ourselves. Even state associations are faced with the lack of membership and participation from our industry. It's important to recognize the opportunity we have to grow our industry, *IF* we can work together! Those who come against us are many, from the insurance industry to the motor clubs and the new landscape of the "app based motor club". I implore you to "get involved", both here on this forum and with your state association! Through unity of our collective voices, we *CAN* accomplish much more than those who come against us may recognize! 


Get Involved, our industry depends on it!

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~ I'm not an attorney, nor do I represent to be one. I provide my personal opinion and that on behalf of myself, my company and our operations.

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