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Wrecker service accused of not showing up for deputies, falling asleep on phone 'ark"

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Sheriff: 'It created a long wait for our deputy...'

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. - Blue lights followed by tow trucks; they're both known for being first on the scene.

"Whether it's 2 o'clock in the morning or 11 o'clock in the morning," Tim Moody says.

Moody operated J Hook towing. He works with several police departments in central Arkansas and has been in the business for 36 years.

"We take it very seriously when our law enforcements call us."

But one wrecker service, contracted with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, apparently has a hitch in its get along.

"Well, this was actually the first problem that I've been notified about," Doc Holladay, Pulaski county sheriff says.

We obtained an e-mail that was forwarded to Holladay from his deputies a couple weeks ago.

It accuses Ryno Wrecker of failing to show up for calls and states that Ryno Wrecker dispatchers were dozing off while on the phone with deputies.

"It created a long wait  for our deputy on the scene," Holladay says.

Sheriff Holladay says Ryno Wrecker is one of six towing companies on a coveted list that gets calls for service from his office.

We visited Ryno on Thursday and called asking to speak to their owner. 

We did not get a response.

Sheriff Holladay says his team met with Ryno on Wednesday to issue a warning and remind the wrecker of what's expected.

"If they do that then we're fine moving forward," Holladay says.

"If they don't, then we'll take appropriate action moving forward."

We then asked Holladay what that appropriate action might be.

He replied: "I have an idea."


RESOURCE LINK with News Video

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