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Value of our Holmes 600


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28 Dec 2007 10:28

4X4 Dually wrote:
My father tells me yesterday that he wants to sell our medium duty truck. I'm trying to figure out what it is worth and stumbled onto this site. I figure someone on here should know more than I do. Here are the specs on our truck. I don't have pics with me, but I'll try to scan some in next week.

1979 Chevy C70 single axle regualar cab
Holmes 600 split boom (I don't know what actual model, it has telescoping square tubes, not the round with angles bent around them)
Outriggers and boxes of equipment, tow lights, etc.
366 Gas Engine, two tanks
5 speed tranny, 2 speed axle
Air Brakes (equiped for towed vehicle also)
100% tow ready, mint condition
I don't know the miles for sure but I'm going to guess less than 5000 original
Garage kept, clean clean clean

Thanks for ANY help you can give me.
I finally dug out some picture of my father's truck. I thought I'd share them.
Jory Blagden
Mulhall, OK
Towman26 said:
Are you looking to sell it
4X4 Dually said:
Here is what I have in mind: a custom trailer puller with two 8 ton winches!!!! Sure would make loading broken down equipment on my flat bed easy! It is probably going to break dad's heart to watch me pull the booms off her. My miller Bobcat welder aught to fit on top of the tunnel box and I'm sure I can rig up an air hose. Here is my photo chopped image.

Jory Blagden
Mulhall, OK
Muskegontowguy said:
You have probably just made several people VOILENTLY Ill at the thought of cutting apart such a Pristine looking piece of America's Towing history 654.gif
Greg Kowalski
Rod VT said:
Seriously, just put it on ebay. Set a ridiculously high reserve and see what you get for bids, that will give you a good idea of it's value, will only cost you $50 for international advertising, and you may even sell it. That truck looks to me like it's museum quality, don't ruin it.

4X4dually said:

Thanks for the idea. I'm not going to ruin anything buy cutting and chopping. I'm just going to pull the booms off and store them along with the sling and other stuff I don't need and put a gooseneck ball on the bed and a pintle on the back. It will still be complete, just in a few different places! I know, you all are about to puke, sorry. It is just that I need a truck like this and he is going to give it to me. If I could buy a different truck and put a hauling bed on it for the same money, I would, but a new bed alone would be $10K and I'm sure I couldn't buy another truck that is worth a toss for the remainder of the $15 or $20K someone would give us for this truck. I'm almost certain we couldn't get $30K out of her. All the ones I've seen for sale are in the $9500 to $12K range but are worn out and beat up. So, I don't know what to do.
Jory Blagden
Mulhall, OK
Da Wash Boss said:
Please do not cut that truck up!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a beautiful truck I would not even sell it if it were mine. Beautiful truck enjoy it.
Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"
4x4dually said:
Tow rig with trailer and welder!

Jory Blagden
Mulhall, OK
that truck only gets 5-7 mpg wont be very cost effective . dont cut it up just sell it and buy something else.would be money ahead.
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