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Won't fit on a flatbed!!!


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04-07-07: Temple Towing said:


Picked this one up today for a local limo service. They just had right rear wheel bearing replaced yesterday. Apparently, it wasn't repaired correctly because it got so hot it sheared the axle off at the end!! The wheel/tire was hanging on enough to put it in the dollies!!




By the way, safety chains and tow lights were already off because I was in the process of unhooking!! Just decided to snap a couple of pics!!

Matt Jarma
Temple, TX


fulltimer1 said:

Was that a little heavy for those dollies?parttimerbanner.jpg


unknown member said:

Nice truck, would love to have that one. I have a question for people; What do people think of and what do you do about "frame flex" on limos. I've heard people say open the door and close it one notch, others say leave them completely closed and others have said that you have to flatbed them not to tow them. Just would like to get a general consensus.


Temple Towing said:

Yeah it was a little heavy, but on the side of a busy highway I didn't have much choice!!

Matt Jarma
Temple, TX


Slim Santa said:

I can't see where lifting on the wheels like that would put any more strain on it than driving down the highway. I really don't understand why you would want to leave a door partially opened, you would think leaving it shut would support the body better. I would have no idea what that limo would weigh. emoticonconfused.gif AlDakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD


unknown member said:

I have had much the same feelings about it. What is the difference if I am towing it or its going up a bumpy hill? Theres just so many people saying so many different things.


cdntowguy said:

I believe the "door thing" and the flexing of the frame was old school stuff.

When we worked with slings I remember rear windows popping out of Chryslers, and some talk of Vettes flexing.

But today, if your'e picking up with whl lifts. I really cant understand where there would be any problem at all.


Temple Towing said:

Thanks for the comments on the tow and on the truck.
Matt Jarma
Temple, TX


TNT Towing said:

The only vehicle I know of that could be damaged (on a center post hydraulic shop-lift) is the old fiberglass bodied Corvette. If you don't pop the doors, the frame flex could crack the body. I figured they reinforced those stretch limo frames with I-beams or something simular.-Tom
Big Bertha's Towing


Temple Towing said:

As luck would have it, I had to go back and tow the same darned limo to another shop 35 miles away. Owner didn't want the original shop to touch it again. Picked it up from the rear this time and strapped the axle and wheel to the underlift. By the way, good looking autoloader County Recovery!!
Matt Jarma
Temple, TX


Budtow said:

Block the highway I'm making a left hand turn!


tommytows said:

them dollies wasn't hurting , looks like the old holmes pan type , with the larger tires , they can tote alot more than the new fangled ones .


LAMB Towing said:

I bought my wireless tow lights just for stuff like limos & RVs. My light cord was never long enough, & sometimes there's no place to route the cord. The 300 foot range also comes in handy when you're working around a curve, or over the crest of a hill. You can turn on your hazard lights & carry the light bar up the road for a little added protection.


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