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Re: The Fine-Line Between Home Invasion and Grocery Delivery


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Hi All ... I hope you’re healthy and safe under the circumstances. I wish to share a quick lifes' lesson with you regarding the present tense of this virus situation and how a simple act of kindness has potential of deadly results. Christine and I reside in a rough and rural part of Southern California known for a high-level of violent crimes. And, where we live, there are a few houses occupied by elderly neighbors. With governmental restrictions coming from everywhere, like you, we’re hunkered down and surviving on a day to day basis. Thankfully we’re doing fine.


We’re really close to our kids, grandkids and many awesome friends who live a few miles away and they’re part of our support system. Yesterday morning, on one of those crappy, rainy days, our granddaughter came by unannounced to deliver a bag of paper towels and groceries. We weren’t expecting anybody. She parked to the right of our entry and knocked on the door. And, because we’re a bit older and slower, it takes a minute or so to get up and see who was there.  Christine reached the door first and looked through the peep-hole seeing no-one there. I ordered her to the center of the house where I asked in a commanding voice, “Who’s there?” No answer. I looked through the peep-hole and initially saw nothing.


Having years of law enforcement experience behind me, I’m not one to panic, but I did however, grabbed a handgun and headed to the side of the house. From the corner of my eye I saw my granddaughter’s car leaving the top of our road seconds later; my heart was beating from my chest. She simply came to deliver a bag of groceries.


The point I make is this … we didn’t know she was coming and our granddaughter didn’t call. I share this as a reminder, NOT to be over-reactive, but to remind you to stay connected by phone if you’re that person delivering groceries, coming to someone’s house, or helping support your neighbors. On the other-hand, if you’re the one at home, remember, when someone isn’t expected and you haven’t spoken to anyone, there’s a dangerous possibility of accidental confrontation when fear of a home-invasion robbery takes-over. You’ve seen the stupidity of what’s going happen when panic and paranoia takes over. Don’t think for a second that it can’t happen to you?


Please instruct your people to CALL before coming over. If there’s no answer at the door, leave a message … don’t just show up. If you knock on the door or ring the bell, stay in-view and be sure to announce yourself. While the purpose of someone’s visit is neighborly, necessary and welcome, not knowing and feeling threatened are two deadly factors that create accidental consequences.


This message isn’t about shopping for bad-guys, but, being intuitive to know there’s a difference between a friendly grocery delivery and that of being robbed, especially when you live at the end of a rural, dead-end road. Be sure to communicate with your people and always know what to expect OK? It’s been years since I’ve armed myself and going into that defensive mode … yesterday’s morning situation put me on high-alert. But, on the lighter side, I thanked my granddaughter for thinking of us and that I’ll never forget my reaction. So, now, whenever I wash my hands or wipe my backside, I’ll think of her. We both had a good laugh.           R.  

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Randall C. Resch

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We have been in a similar situation before. My family has always had a call ahead thing going even long before this whole virus mess. We have a semi-long driveway and if your not in the living room then you cant see who or what is coming up. My father -inlaw was once greeted at the side door by my wife ( his daughter ) holding her Glock 23 because he thought he would just drop by.  We live in a sleepy little hamlet that most people would think is as safe as can be. Between November and January there were 2 home invasions with one resulting in the home owner being shot and killed in his own home. This one was just a block away from our home. So personally I feel your reaction was warranted and am glad that you and your family are prepared should something horrible happen. Being aware, prepared and TRAINED to handle these situations are essential in the world we live in sadly.   


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Everyone needs to be aware the longer this goes on the higher the number of crimes will go up. Criminals have the run right now because of police only responding the non violent crimes. What happens when it escalates as the criminal advances to larger rewards.

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