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Tower Down - Wisconsin - 2-10-18

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A tower in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, died last night when his carrier left the roadway and crashed into a house. News reports suggest a medical emergency, but the crash is still under investigation. My prayers go out to the tower's family and his company.  R


A Ken Weber tow truck driver reported dead after truck struck Pewaukee home.

VILLAGE OF PEWAUKEE - A tow truck driver from Ken Weber towing suffered some kind of medical emergency as he was returning from picking up a disabled vehicle and crashed his truck into a home at 430 W. Wisconsin Ave. just before 10 p.m. Monday, Feb. 12, according to Police Chief Jay Iding. 

The homeowner, who reported the incident, was not injured. The truck crashed into and destroyed the front porch on the home, just across the street from Agape Community Church.

When officers arrived, they found the truck, with an SUV still chained on the flatbed, crashed into the home's front porch.

When the driver was pulled from the truck, he was found to be dead, Iding said, adding that the driver was known and liked by officers.

The driver was a long-time employee of Ken Weber, Iding said.



Randall C. Resch

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Press Release by Ken Weber Truck Service,


It is with heavy hearts that Ken Weber and staff must share the sad news that one of our drivers has passed away. Charles Meyer has been part of the "Ken Weber Truck Service" towing family for over 20 years. He was our second shift heavy-duty driver and the one we turned to for most of our out-of- state runs.

Charlie was returning to our shop after picking up a car from an accident. On the way back to the shop Charlie had a sudden medical issue that took his life. The truck veered to the right, went through some yards and ended up in the front porch of a house. No one else was injured.

Charlie was a hard worker who we could always depend on. He was fun to talk to especially when discussing cooking or Christmas decorations. I always said if I ever go on the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" show I would make Charlie my phone-a-friend as he was the most knowledgeable in movies, actors and actresses and tv shows. Our sympathies to Charlie's family and friends. He was sure one i a million.

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