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Re: Pumping You Up

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In the grand scheme of things, I’m looking at this whole virus mess through optimistic eyes. From yesterday's quick dump of rain and a magnificent rainbow, I’m inspired to share these as words of encouragement amidst all the crap, rumors and false news going around. I’m amazed at how fast, “bullshit travels”, from one end of our small community to the other. But, that aside, I’m trying to stay positive while these emergency actions go forward. It’s my prayer that social distancing will meet its curve where life and business (as we know it) will return to its normal state.


 Rainbow Panorama.jpg


For 12-years, America’s way of life was disrupted by the Great Depression where the economy went into a proverbial tail-spin. Fueled by community panic and paranoia, the masses flooded banks and financial institutions only to bring the economy to a screeching halt. President Franklin Roosevelt pleaded with the American people that their fears was causing extreme damage overall, and said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” President Jefferson's speech didn't discuss the amassing of toilet paper of hoarding of sanitizers, but relayed a stron message of calm that needed to be heard. As a pragmamtic professional myself, I believe Jefferson's message helped to return calm and sanity to Americans in the light of adversity.

While my immediate family is effected too, we’re simply taking time to love, care, and uplift each other. We’re finding ways to help our neighbors (where we can), and most importantly, we’re together in a survival mode where we’re not panicked. To all of you, just know that this, like any cold, flu, virus, or medical condition that’s come and gone before, optimistically,  it will pass in its time.


Do what you can that’s in your family’s best interests and yours. Stay positive and face each day with a sense of calm and readiness. I know that’s hard to accept because I’m not in your shoes, but, as Christian author, Tim Hansel, wrote, “Ya’ gotta’ keep dancin.”


If ya’ need ta’ talk … “I’m here to pump you up.” Simply jot me an Email at rreschran@gmail.com or leave one here on TowForce.      R.

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Randall C. Resch

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