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Re: Today I Got Riffed


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Hi All ... Despite all that's going on in the world, yesterday was a really busy day for me with phone calls by tow owners and drivers. First off, I'm a realist to understand that whatever the reason or cause of this virus thingy ... life goes on. I feel everyone's pain especially if you're an owner, especially if you're an employee of any company affected by the virus. These are trying times that call for creativity, understanding and calm. 


One of the most repeated questions I fielded yesterday from drivers was, "Can they lay me off?", or, "Can they cut my hours?" To that I'll say, "You betcha." Because of the panic and paranoia of the virus and its deadly under-tones, everyone is being somewhat sequested in the best interests of health and safety. If you were laid-off or had hours cut, it's certainly not something you should take personal, but, something to be immediately and preparedly focused on. I assure you this wasn't something pre-planned and you weren't targeted ... being let-go was certainly a tough decision that unfortunately had to be made.


In business, there’s a term called, “Reduction in Force”, also known as, “RIF”, where  I guess being, "riffed", is (mildly) one-step up from being fired. The emotions are the same as being fired, yet, there's definitely a difference. Regardless as to the size and strength of a single tow company, losses are calculated in percentages to the overall budget, employee force and ultimate profit. Big or small, all companies aren’t safe from this economic challenge. Responding to these virus orders has forced companies into an emergency downsize. Fact: Simply speaking, as a loss or decline in business, some tow companies can’t afford to maintain a full complement of tow operators, dispatchers, or support personnel. 


Being, “laid off”, is a temporary, involuntary separation of employment as a result of a loss of business, declining budget, or, in this case, social distancing that’s causing the loss of tow related business. Losing a job is definitely hard-hitting mentally as well as financially that sometimes leaves us with a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.


If you've been let-go, perhaps you can file for unemployment or try and find any job or other source of income until such time this passes. Try to look at your situation positively and use what time you're away from the job to catch-up on home-chores, family, or, that junk car you've always wanted to fix up. Stay in-touch with your company so you're, "in the know", for when these restrictions are lifted and business can return to normal. Watch the news with a watchful eye and don't fall victim to the hype, panic and paranoic. And, in that I remember, Chicago Bears coach, Mike Ditka, saying, ... "This too shall pass."       R.




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Randall C. Resch

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