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However, Do Not Become Complacent and fall into a false sense of security because the traffic volume is much lower than normal. There are just as many stranded drivers on the roadways. Truckers are being pushed, Drinking & Drugs are on the menu when Alcoholics find the bars closed and the liquor stores open. Social gatherings are still occurring in small groups. Some of which include drugs, then there often on the roadway. It only takes that one distracted driver and a tow operator to let their guard down. This occurs went not follow procedures which have been followed for months. Officers are not responding to many runs, that does not mean they will not respond to a tow operator in the highway or interstate. Since this does not involve social contact you my very well get them when otherwise you would have to wait. Use Common Sense!


Use Gloves on everything, use surgical gloves inside your work gloves. If you haven't to this point, how is the time to start. This virus has not yet peaked and while you may believe you cannot be that sick. Do Not Take This Home with disregard. I have heard from several drivers that had to leave the company they worked for either on their own or were fired. The Driver Pool will be Huge when this is over and the best companies will be the ones that either had a plan in place prior to or when this began. Don't Stick Your Head in the Sand....


TowForce is OPEN no Social Distancing required and numerous topics are waiting. Take this time to get your fleet ready for action when this breaks and give some experience advise to those seeking it on TowForce. Seems we don't find the type of topics we once did on Tow411. I suppose that is because on other forms of social media the posts seem to go off in other directions. We need to get back to those days...


Here are a few of the Topic Titles from the past week.


COVID-19 Be Smart - Are towers included in the COVID-19 hours of service relief?

Truck Struck - 03.14.20 (TN) - WreckMaster Blog - Does it really matter if I calculate resistance?

Extreme metal fatigue with total boom failure - 2020 Florida Tow Show Press Release

HERO TOWER - 03.16.20 (TN) - Blocker Trucks - Effective or Not ? ? ?

Mark Yourself Safe Here! List Equipment for FREE this Weekend.

Note: FREE Equipment Listing Extended through the end of March...

Numerous YouTube and now TikTok videos have been added this week.

Using Rims for Rollover Recovery ? ? ? ?  - Is Too Much Sanitizer Harmful ? ? ?

And Is Bob Watson at it Again?


Welcome our Newest Sponsor Grime Wipes. We reviewed these at the 2020 NTEA Work Truck Show.

Check Out the Video Here https://www.towforce.net/topic/8993-grime-boss-wipes-your-partner-in-grime/

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