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Re: Is Too Much Sanitizer Harmful ? ? ?


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Hi All ... I hope that you're social distancing has fallen into part of your general routine. Like many of you, I now have too much time on my hands and that's not always a good thing. So, I took to the internet to Google the topic of, "Is too much sanitizer a good thing", and came up with a ton of responses that, at the very least, I think are interesting reading. I like to be informed so to keep abreast of the current state of the virus, but not to be panicked or over-paranoid. While I understand the need to control germs, I've always thought that too much sanitizer has a potential to change ones immunse system. I also know that in all reality, sanitizers don't elimiate or kill all of the germs in a germ like setting.


One of my daughters is a, "germaphobe", where her family of seven uses sanitizers, soaps and cleaners to the max. Could all of those chemicals and combinations be creating, "over-kill", to their systems? In their household of seven, someone is always sick and it passes around like rotation. I don't know if there's scientific proof that too much sanitizer is good or bad for one's system, I'm comfortable with maintaining good hygiene that includes regular hand-washing and the like. I won't get in the middle of this debate and every person should make their own choices based on what they are told and what they have experienced. 


From the CDC, here's a good link that provides believeable information.  https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/show-me-the-science-hand-sanitizer.html


Like using too much sanitizer is the over-kill of too much toilet paper. So, when it comes to using toilet paper, can too much wiping be good or bad for one's backsides? Accordingly, when and if all that TP is put into action, there's the threat that it will clog every sweage treatment plant or landfill from here to China. We're on septic and take different measures to maintain the system.         R. 

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Randall C. Resch

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I always heard it was, now it seems folks are using it continuously. Dries my skin out so I use a lotion a few times a day. But, then the regular shop hand cleaner have been my reason for a moisturizer. Never liked to feel of cracked hands on the steering wheel. LOL or on my girl...

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