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What would you do "safety discussion 6"


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Note: many images are from the net and sent to the Tow411 Admin by members. We will attempt to block the company names when possible.


Carl4tow said:

sorry no way looks like beds not all the way up also looks bent


1stchoicetowing said:

that what a medium duty trucks are for


NationalAuto said:

NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not know what it would have cost to have a company with a medium duty tow this but I can imagine how much the damage he is doing that Freightliner !

If you can get past the fact that you are tearing up equipment then you probably don't care about the safety aspect either. I would be surprised if he could steer that thing. you can see how light it is in the front end.

What else did I miss?


Fetch said:

It shouldn't have been hard to split the tow, even if the other truck was disabled. The flex on the bed looks terrible, and its not even in the locked position. Is it just me, or is there only the 1 chain on the front? I can't see anything on the back.


Jammer439 said:

They call that criminal negligence, safety first. Be safe out there.


ShumanServices said:

Unreal! Get the right equipment for the job or call somebody who DOES have the right equipment. Split the load? You could but you'd still need a Med Duty to tow that Rollback, it's to heavy for that International 4300 by itself!

Criminal negligence at best!


mooresbp said:

Can't be real, or least I hope not!!
George - Moore's BP - We'll see you on down the road
TowZone said:
The only thing here that is Photo Shopped is the company name on the door. The shadows and the rays of sun light all match up. I have no details or idea where this image was pulled from. Has anyone seen this before?
Sirknucklehead said:
I am surprised that they would attempt this,.....ok, maybe not surprised seeing some of the stuff that goes down the road. Unsafe, tearing up equipment, and insane.
Towgoddess14 said:
I think they are in the middle of loading or unloading. The wheellift is on the ground. That may explain the bed not being in the locks.
That doesn't make the overall scenario safe or sane however.
As for being surprised? Not much surprises me anymore.
Towdriver said:
They didn't photoshop the name very well. From the pictures on their web site they like large loads like that.
Just My Opion Not The Boss'
Fetch said:
The first one that comes up on my Google search is a backwards loaded F-350 jacked to the sky.
Towdriver said:
There is a picture of a lifted grey dodge diesel that is sitting up on the side rails loaded backwards on what is probably a F-550.
Just My Opion Not The Boss'
Hookrite said:
Truck Abuse!!!
rreschran said:
It appears that it's way beyond the legal length as well as the other comments. What traffic cop wouldn't like to stop this one?
Melville said:
accident looking for a place to happen.
JustSomeGuy said:
that is downright CRAZY !
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I liked the criminally negligent arrest title for the operator post. Sadly, this type of behavior, or worse, goes on every day here. It might be lack of training, but is more likely greed as well as wanting to use a shortcut.

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