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2020 Top Ten TikTok Tow Truckers Nominations

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As many of you are aware the Towing Information Network has been ranking Motor Clubs annually for more than a decade. This year we would like to expand those rankings and begin with something more fun. So, we are venturing into the world of TikTok. Specifically Tow Truck Operators who participate on TikTok. Some have or are making a name for themselves with their short video clips. Now, reaching out to these TikTok Tow Truckers on other forms of social media may not always be easy or possible. Cause those I have interacted with find such venues as Facebook Lame...


So, since they are gaining attention from other Tow Operators we were thinking "What about a Top Ten List of TikTok Tow Truckers". Give us your thoughts and if you have caught any of these short clips by tow truckers on TikTok nominate your favorites. Do it like the Motor Club Rankings 1 thru 10 and if you want to just rank one or two the assign them a number. We'll be working out the factors that will go into the rankings with a similar algorithm as the Motor Club Rankings. As for the rules, well this is new so we will have to see if there are any required.


So, what is the prize for the Top Ten or the #1 TikTok Tow Trucker. While we are positive there will be one, we just do not know what the prize will be yet. Now for the timeline, we are thinking 60 days maybe even 90 to 120 days depending on the response to what will surely become a contest.


If this works out we'll make it an annual Top Ten List. Now, list your nominations and if you aren't into TikTok that's fine. Just watch as we have a little fun for a change.


Disclaimer: of course everything about this new top ten ranking is subject to change.

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2020 Top Ten TikTok Tow Truckers Nominations can be made by email.


Those making nominations must have a connection to the Towing & Recovery Industry.


Add this information in your response to 2019RANK@TOW411.NET


Note: this email address may change in a few days.

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Nominations by Email:







This is not moving very fast

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