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B&B industries is Hiring

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B&B industries in big lake Minnesota job description:

Assemble and some fabrication of mechanical parts, using a variety of tools and equipment according to required specifications for small, medium, and heavy duty tow trucks.

Bring your own tools with you - call in and let us know what you have.

Math Skills: Good math skills will help assemblers set parts to spec, measure holes, measure parts, and perform multi-step calculations, and read a tape measure to the 1/16"

Problem Solving Skills: Follow an order of operations as dictated by the parts and sub-assemblies, understand how to set parts on supports and how to breed parts together, understand square, true, level, and plumb, help move production along by maintaining and communicating lists of parts and sub-assemblies needed to complete trucks

Attention to Detail: Each piece has a place and a purpose, assemblers must understand and meet applicable specifications, wiring, hydraulics, frames, booms, and toolboxes all interact in some way - tolerances, gaps, and fittings are the responsibility of the person assembling the truck, attention to detail is required
Mechanical and Technical Skills: Fork lifts, cranes, drills, saw, basic hand tools, tape measure, understanding of how schematics work,
Stamina: Assemblers often work long hours doing various work - a single truck can take two weeks to one month to complete


20020 177th St. nw, Big Lake, Minnesota 55309




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