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Repo man shot at Tuesday night

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Repo man shot at Tuesday night in west Spokane County:

'I shouldn't have a head right now'


During his decade-long career of repossessing cars, Curtis, who didn't want his full identity revealed, has been hit by poles, ladders and chased by angry car owners. However, he's never experienced anything like what happened Tuesday night as he and his partner were trying to repossess a 30-year-old pickup truck that was maybe worth a couple thousand dollars. 


But it almost cost Curtis his life. 


On Wednesday morning, just hours after being shot at, Curtis said that he and his repo partner had tracked the pickup they were looking for to a rural area north of Medical Lake. 


It was around 9:00 p.m. and armed only with flashlights, Curtis and his partner walked up a dirt driveway and contacted the man at the house. They asked if the registered owner of the pickup they were looking for was there and the man told the pair he was not. 


It was a very calm conversation, according to Curtis. 


These things happen in the world of repossession and then it's on to the next one. But that's where things took a turn for the worse. 


Curtis and his partner walked back to their tow truck and said they pulled off the property and then sat in their truck going through paperwork and figuring out their next move. Curtis said about seven minutes later he saw two men walk up behind the truck and the unmistakable silhouette of a shotgun. 


"The guy kept coming after us saying 'We know why you're here!'" as he fired shots, Curtis said. 


Suddenly the back window behind Curtis' head was shot out. 


"From where all the bullet holes are in the vehicle, I shouldn't have a head right now," Curtis casually said Wednesday.


Curtis and his partner sped off in their truck, crashing into a pole at one point in a desperate attempt to get away from the man firing at them. They called 911 and deputies were able to locate the suspected shooter, 51-year-old Robert Edens, who they said was driving around the area looking for the men he had shot at. 


Curtis said the truck was hit multiple times. 


"Robert said he has had some 'squirrely people' come by his house lately and he was protecting his property," Corporal Mark Gregory said in a release on Wednesday. "He said the individuals in the truck did not threaten him verbally or physically. He was just protecting his property."


Gregory said Edens was told by deputies that he couldn't use deadly force to "merely protect property," and according to the Sheriff's Office, Edens replied with something to the effect of "Sounds like I need to move to Idaho." 


I called Lt. Ryan Higgins at the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office Wednesday afternoon and asked, given the same circumstances, would Edens be facing similar charges in Idaho? 


Higgins said Idaho does have a "Stand Your Ground" law, but a person must fear for their life and given these circumstances, Edens would most likely be facing charges had he done the same thing in Idaho. 


Edens was booked into the Spokane County Jail and now faces 2 charges of 1st Degree Assault. The other person with him was let go at the scene.


As for Curtis, he suffered a pinched nerve in his back during the incident but surprisingly, the ordeal won't deter him from being back out on the streets, repossessing cars Wednesday night. It's a job he says 9 times out of 10 goes off without a hitch.


"There's no reason to ever get into a confrontation." Curtis said. "Let alone, chase someone down the road and shoot at them five times and they're not even on your property."


When asked what about what he took away from the situation, Curtis said: "Gotta start charging more for repos."


RESOURCE LINK with video

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