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Tower Injured 02.12.20 (OR)

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The owner of a north Portland towing company says an employee was injured early Wednesday morning by a woman who broke into the business to get her towed vehicle back.


Just after 2:30 a.m., officers responded to 21st Century Towing, located at 8510 North Kerby Avenue, on the report of a crash.


The owner of 21st Century Towing told FOX 12 that a woman had snuck under the gate to steal her pickup truck that had been impounded Tuesday evening.


Surveillance video shows a man with bolt cutters try to cut through the fence. When he can't, a woman manages to squeeze herself under the fence and finds her impounded pickup truck.


As the woman rammed the gate to get out, a tow truck driver was on the other side attempting to unlock it. The owner said the woman slammed into the employee and then fled the scene.


"He went up there to unlock the gates, and pickup came barreling through the gates, took out the gate, knocked my son about 20 feet, hit his tow truck," said Jack Durrett, the father of the injured employee.


Durrett told FOX 12 that his son, Josh, suffered a broken collar bone, a concussion, and a few scrapes and bruises. He was treated at an area hospital.


The owner of the business says he has surveillance video of the break-in and gave it to police. The owner also says a license plate from the pickup was left at the scene.


Police are continuing to investigate the incident. No other information has been released at this time.


RESOURCE LINK with video

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OH wow, I would have either unloaded on the driver or gotten out of the way. One does not know unless they are placed in such a real situation.


First, Option would be to have a gun and take the driver out. The truck is being used as a weapon.


Second, Run, as a jury would see that the person with the gun had other options to seek safety.


That has to be the craziest getaway I have seen. Did more damage then the truck was worth. Could have just waited until the gate was open.

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