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Tow truck operators ask you to watch them (MO)

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Tow truck operators ask you to watch them, move over after death of Timothy Williams


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Two men from Springfield want you to pay attention to the road the entire time you're driving. They know their lives depend on it. Those men spoke with us just days after a fellow tow truck driver was hit and killed while working on U.S. 65. It's a risky job, and what they're saying is: move over.


It seems to be a simple thing to do, but they say too many people have other things on their minds when they're behind the wheel. Terry Harden is just like you. He knows drivers can have a lot on their minds...


"I gotta get my daughter picked up from school," he began. "I gotta get my pizza home to the family, I gotta get to the grocery store to get whatever, I gotta talk on my telephone to my boyfriend, text my girlfriend."


But Harden knows unlike many of us, his job puts him right in those distracted drivers' paths.


"We lose one tow truck driver every six days," he said.


That nationwide statistic took on a personal level Friday night north of Springfield. Fellow tow truck driver Timothy Williams was hit and killed while working along Highway 65. Williams would've turned 56 Saturday.


RESOURCE LINK with video

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