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Slow Down and Share the Roadway!


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These cyclist were Westbound on 35th Street just west of Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota


The YouTube Video description states:

illegal/unsignaled pass + red light runner by cedar towing truck + attempted education

Cedar Towing vehicle, Minnesota license YBT2147, passed illegally closely without a signal, then ran a red light at Bloomington Avenue. At the next red light, I caught up to the driver and made a few pointed inquiries as to their legal knowledge, decision-making process, and moral values.



TowForce Note:

As much as some drivers become aggravated at a large number of cyclists riding in the roadway. It is legal in most every community and we share the road with them. These cyclists were moving at a decent pace and the tow truck driver should have just chilled out. Instead this video has gone viral and the message will cost some business as nearly every cyclist also drives a personal vehicle, some could even drive a company. That company vehicle could be an account with a towing company. That towing company could be the company that was involved in this incident. Then there's the local law enforcement that will see this image and the company may be targeted. So, if you were a driver in one of the towing company trucks could pay a cost for the actions of a co-worker.


It would be advisable for this tow company to get out in front of this thing with the local cycling community. The door is open to make things right and create a huge marketing opportunity. Now, only about 10% of the industry would agee and seize the moment. A huge percentage would simply blow it off.


Let's hear your thoughts.... this hits to close to those who fail to Slow Down Move Over!

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The sad part is, in review of the companies website this appears to be a respectable towing company specializing in private property impounds.


"Cedar Towing and Auction is a family owned business that has been in the industry for over 33 years.

When you partner with Cedar Towing and Auction you can expect the personal service only a small company can give with a big company response.

Our staff is dedicated to redefining the towing experience for each of our customers and will not compromise our customer’s future goals for short term results.

As your towing provider our mission is to keep your property clear of nuisance vehicles that can affect your business and be a risk to the safety of your visitors and tenants. We specialize in creating a customized program to suit your specific needs to put you in control of your parking lot.

We know that parking issues are not what you want to deal with in your busy day, we know your time is very valuable."



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Sad and disappointing. A very poor representation of what it means to be a professional. Even worse when you understand and comprehend that this is the perception many have of the industry.

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Wow, what a great video that represents that long-time feud between motorists and bicycle riders. I did quick research on tow trucks vs. bicycles finding a boatload of Internet articles where tow trucks and bicyclists were involved. Since July last year, there were numerous collisions in California, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Boston, New York, Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey where bicyclists were injured or killed when they tangled tow trucks. Most bicyclists tangled with tow trucks that were turning and the tow truck’s driver didn’t see them, or, the bicyclist ran a red light. Clearly, NOT in this case.


The video is a good representation of both motorists and bicyclists who think THEY own the road. What vehicle operators don’t know is that the wording of some state laws may not require bicyclists to ride to the farthest right side of the road. Like Ron mentioned, “Sharing the Road”, is a mindset that motorists and cyclists need to practice.


If I were to what led up to this altercation, I believe that the tow truck may have been following these cyclists for some time which elevated his blood pressure. While I didn’t see a posted speed limit sign, I’d venture to say that the speed limit for this stretch of inner-city roadway is 25-miles per hour. The tow truck passed these riders at perhaps 35-mph + based on a visual estimation. On a narrow roadway with cross-traffic, signal lights and wet pavement, would this driving incident be considered Reckless Driving?


California’s 23103a, “Reckless Driving”, defined is, “A person who drives a vehicle upon a highway in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving. A conviction of reckless can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony based on a non-injury act, or, whether or not someone was injured or killed. As perceived by a witnessing officer, the tow operator could be arrested, jailed and their tow truck impounded. The video is good evidence that the tower is minimally guilty of reckless driving. A multi-point arrest and conviction of reckless driving could be the tow operator’s, “death knell”, of being removed from the company’s insurance.

While I’m not sticking up for either group, calm heads prevail right? The tower could have been having one of, “those days”, letting the actions of these riders over-loaded him, especially the guy riding, "Look Ma ... No Hands." Fast forward to the window-banging altercation between the tower and the cyclist, what’s to say the bicyclist wasn't armed with a gun only to over-react and shoot the tower? Bicycles are everywhere and cyclists also have to be aware that their riding actions create agitation to following motorists. But, answer me this, “Are two bicycle riders, riding side-by-side, equally as wide as a standard automobile?  Would a following vehicle have to drive equally as slow so to follow a slow-moving vehicle?” It’s easy to see why both parties over-reacted. And, while it doesn’t justify the tower’s actions, it's the actions on one employee, not that of the tow company. For sure ... this video is going into my training classes.     R.


I’m including a link to an article written on the topic that (accurately) defends a bicyclist’s rights, while keeping in-mind the article defends bicycle riders in California.    


Link:  https://ocbike.org/bicycle-law/graduate-degree-in-bicycle-law/

Randall C. Resch

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In this day of Social Media, WE must constantly be away of how these incidents can effect our business.


Don't Get Caught on Camera! Use this as a training tool as to how not to respond to aggression. We have been going over such videos we find with our drivers. Our hope is that they constantly represent our company with a professional demeanor. Learning how to deal with situations regardless if it began with the customer, our driver or another person. Knowing how to defuse the situation rather that escalate it decreases the opportunity for conflict......

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Company does PPI so they may not care about their public image. But, they should care that anyone either in this group of bike riders or watching this video might pull out a magnifying glass on the tow business.

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