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Had this call for a ranger in the ditch, extraction was done with a f650 with 22' NRC deck. Came out easily and no further damages To the casualty. 


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5 hours ago, BlackAutoload said:

This looks very difficult actually with a typical carrier 

Wasn't too bad, my wheellift has flip over spades that will bite, left deck in the locks, this truck is equipped with a removable roller I can pin onto the end of the deck, ran a strap under the front corner of the ranger From the low side suspension,   and slid the truck towards the roadway slightly giving it room to roll back onto its wheels towards the trees, chained strap to my truck, then ran the line to a snatch block in the trees and back to the high side frame of the ranger, pulled it over towards the trees, strap kept it tight on the low side so it didn't just slide, once on its wheels, slight reposition of my truck and put all my equipment back, winched the ranger up onto the deck, sorry no in progress pictures, I can't bring myself to stop mid way for a pic of the rigging although I always wish I had after, Time line was about 15-20 min from on scene to strapping it down.  We see alot of recoverys like this and use our carriers unless the wrecker is closer to it.

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