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Towing companies can now increase towing fees (IL)

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Video will be added when & if it becomes available "see link below"


EORIA, Ill.– After almost a decade, area tow companies are able to increase fees.

City Council Tuesday voted to allow local companies to increase their fees. Various companies made complaints about fees staying stagnant from 2011.


The standard fee is $155. Now companies are authorized to raise the tow fee $5 a year, but it can exceed a total of $175.


The towing code is now reflective of and in compliance with current state law.

[We’re] making sure that the tow companies are required to respond to all tows that they’re dispatched out on, so no picking and choosing of the calls that they want to go on.

Chrissie Peterson, Interim Corporation Council

The updated code also requires tow truck companies to respond within 30 minutes, making sure that they respond to at least 85 percent of the calls that they are dispatched on.


Tow company storage fees and location fees are also subject to increase. Lot storage fees will increase from $25 to $35 and location fees from $30 to $40.


RESOURCE LINK with video

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