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The Barnacle

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Oklahoma University is employing  new technology to imm9bilize illegally parked vehicles. The barnacle is a large pad that attaches to the windshield of a vehicle via a vacuum. There are electronics built into the pad that hold the vacuum, that can be released by wireless technogy. The University is using this technology as an alternative to towing vehicles.

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These Pads have been out for a few years and they are now becoming popular. The reason for the popularity is ease of use as compared to the boots. The wireless technology is new as every pad I have seen has a keypad. If the violator reaches their vehicle prior to tow they can open an app, pay the fines & fees, receive a code to remove the pad blocking the windshield. In the charges is a deposit on the pad, they return the device and receive a credit for that deposit. I have not personally seen or heard of anyone using these, however that seem to be a better alternative and it still incorporates a tow truck same as the boot. To me if I am running a professional operation in today's world I am looking at these.


Now follow me more PPI companies tow less than half the parking violators as they could have. due to drive offs.  Boots are a pain and place the driver at risk when removing the boot alone. Will these become the norm, I don't know they have not really taken off...

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