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The Professional Look by Ken Cruse

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Ken Cruse Created this Topic on Tow411 in October of 2002:


“The Professional Look” - Food for thought

We live in a fast-paced world and sometimes I am not sure if I like it that way. We all have a choice; we can go along with the crowd or cut out and go our own way.

At first, pierced ears were only on females. Then there was one earring on guys. Now, some guys & grils look like they had a fishing tackle box blow up in their face. Again, that’s a choice. Still when working with the public, as we do in this industry, we should be aware that some of this hardware could be and should be left at home before you come to work.

Dress code. Do we still have one? I am not sure anymore. It used to be that men removed their hats when they were inside a building. Now I see them in restaurants, hotels and banks with them left on. This year I saw a person sitting at the head table at the Tow Show Banquet and Awards Night with his ball cap on. Why did no one there tell him that he should remove it? Are we getting so laid back that we choose not to ask people not to do things that offend us?

I see people getting their well-deserved awards in daily working attire. Yes I know some may not own a suit, although this is rare in today’s age. A shirt, tie and dress pants still go a long way. Your new football or baseball jersey doesn’t belong at banquets and award dinners.

We do know how to dress but have we become so complacent that we don’t care? I think we just need a check up from the neck up! It is not only individuals in the towing industry that don’t dress well. Look at the bank managers and schoolteachers: these are the people that used to dress up to come to work.

I am not saying we all do this, but if enough people dress down then it becomes the norm. We think that it is ok when it is not. What would you think if you went to see a lawyer and when you arrived for your appointment, he was at his desk wearing a t-shirt with a logo on it? We just assume lawyers know how to dress for business because that is what we are accustomed to seeing them in, and yes, we do think of them as professionals. We all would like to think of ourselves as professional, but do we conduct ourselves as such? Unfortunately, not all the time. We are quick to tell people that we are professional, that we could have done that job faster, better, and for less money then the other guy. Maybe when we stop telling people we are professional, we will become what we want to be.

With all that said, we can do better. The world is watching and we are all leaders in this great industry we call towing. So let’s make a strong effort in this fight to do better business and dress for success.

Ken Cruse


DEINC said:

I have to say I agree, I started my Towing Co 1 yr ago and I only can aford right now are, T - shirts/ sweat - shirts with my co logo and I just wear new clean Jeans.

I would like to wear something better, but I just don't want to wear the same service type shirt and pants that everyone else has. That might be professional, but there has to be something just alittle better and I am looking for that look and the money to be able pay for it.

Ken - I took the 2/3 course in Buffalo,N.Y. ( I am also from Buffalo ) this past sept/oct and I learned a great deal, plus some of the procedures just helped me out last night. If I have not went to that course, I would have been in a jam.

The instructors were very good and I hope to have them again when I take the 4/5 course next year.

Brian - WM011295


Curt Sharp said:

Very well said Ken!!


ACE said:

Well said Ken, we are professionals & we should look the part, along with clean trucks & well maintained equipment (I didn't say anything has to be new)

Ken Buehler Automotive Ont. Can.
Freelance66 said:
You would of really liked to see me last Sat! Since I'm on call BUT the weekends are usually slow I dressed up to take wife and baby shopping. We finished at the first store when a six wheeler crane blew the front diff. In the street. So I went in as is. The supervisor for the cust. unit was all apologetic!!!!!

No problem as the mechanic for co. had pulled the shaft before I arrived!!! Then towed a straight job after that - no mess on da clothes! I can be very neat when needed.

This only took 4.5 hours so the family was treated to dinner and more shopping! I love it when a plan comes together!!!
Those two calls payed for the day off!!!
Eagletow said:
Brian , "Professional" as has been said doesn't have to be new. But like Steve said you don't have to get dirty to do your job. Look neat do it right and as long as you do your job right people will see you as a Professional .

t-shirts,sweatshirts are OK as far as I am concerned. As long as they aren't ripped, filthy and everyone on scene has one on. Aanna make it look even better ,get some of the w/m turnout gear .before this winter really hits (this am. we got 5 inches of solid sunshine ) i 'm thinking of getting a couple sets .
Well I still remember the smack I got in the back of my head the the first time I didnt remove my Hat in a building (grandmother)
                                       The kick in the A@& for the ear ring ( Dad)
                                       Not remembering the the first time (Grandfather)
Guess we need more old school values!!!!!!!!!!
chuck00385 said:
Dear Ken, I couldn't agree more.  I have the honor to introduce the guest speakers at our tow show, so I wore a suit and tie.  The attendees thought I was the guest speaker.  I know we go to the tow shows to relax and enjoy the time there, but at formal or awards banquets we should dress up to honor the recipients.  Heck the hotel check in staff dress better than we do all weekend.  CDG
Patton's Five Star Towing
29700 Lorain Road
North Olmsted Ohio 44070

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