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Jerry Riggs Created this Topic on Tow411 in January of 2004:


Can you make a difference in this world. YES you can, I challange each and every board member to step up and make a difference in this world.
Start with your self, family, business, then tackle the industry.
It has been proven in 2003 that 1 man or woman can make a difference. BUT you have to become a group sometimes. One of the BIG things in 2003 for the towing industry was the Grand Opening of the International Towing and Recovery Museum and Hall of Fame, and Learning Center. They just did not buy a building and move into it, we had some very long days getting it ready. It was ready because a GROUP of men and women made up of a bunch of ones made the comminment to make a difference.

Now it is you turn to make a difference, sit back and think what can I do for the industry. It does not matter be it civic, industry related (associations) would be a good start, yourself would be a good starting point (better operator) Folks the one in this picture is YOU,
So with that said I challange you to make a difference in YOU, family, business, City, County, State, Industry. You set the way you want to go and when you improve one thing keep that going and tackle another one.
Here we did and are still doing the Museum, City Animal Shelter, Car Seats for infants with the local PD, supply teddy bears to the local PD's and now the State Towing Association. WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN 2004 (AGAIN)

My comment for 2004 will be the State Towing Association, to make it BIGGER and BETTER. Also the State Tow Show, to make it the BEST in the US. all I can do is TRY but you have to be willing to do that.


jackmaster said:

erry I am on the board of our state assn. I need help with our tow show also.
The deal is we have great vendor's and are doing a driving championship in conjunction withe the Iowa Motor truck assn, But we cannot get the local and state towers to come to the show and partake withe the show, also we have less than 1/3 rd of the towers in the state as members. What do we do?

thanks glen


Jerry Riggs said:

OK, for the lack of membership problem. I ask 1 question, how many applications have you given out. I carrey Museum and Association applications with me all the time, If I am in a guys yard, see them at the auto parts store, I give them the papers. Worst they can do is to throw them away. Give paper work out and say WE need your help. (go look at the Williamson County thread)

As the old saying goes Talk is cheap, so talk it up.

As for locals and tow shows, heck we did not have no locals with the Museum move, I was the closet one to Chattanooga, 60 miles one way, BUT we did it.


Dave Lambert said:

I am a member and I have started handing out applications for the museum in my classes. The museum needs all the help it can get and the cost is so reasonable.


Jerry Riggs said:

The following is a post made by Mr. Ken Cruse. Back on 10/16/02, I hope he does not mind me repeating it, but this is a REAL GOOD place to start making a difference.

"The Professional Look"-Food for Thought

We live in a fast paced world and sometimes I am not sure if I like it that way. We all have a choice; we can go along with the crowd or cut out and go our own way.

At first, pierced ears were only on females. Then there was one earring on guys. Now some guys and gals look like they had a fishing tackle box blow up in their face. Again, that's a choice. Still when working with the public, as we do in this industry, we should be aware that some of this hardware could and should be left at home before you come to work.

Dress code. Do we still have one? I am not sure anymore. It used to be that men removed their hats when they were inside a building. Now I see them in restruants, hotels and banks with them left on. This year I saw a person sitting at the head table at the Tow Show Banquet and Awards Night with his ball cap on. Why did no one there tell him that he should remove it? Are we getting so laid back that we choose not to ask people not to do things that offend us?

I see people getting their well-deserved awards in daily working attire. Yes I know some may not own a suit, although this is rare in today's age. A shirt, tie and dress pants still go a long way. Your new football or baseball jersey doesn't belong at banquets and award dinners.


We do know how to dress, but have we become so complacent that we don't care? I think we just need a check up from the neck up! It is not only individuals in the towing industry that don't dress well. Look at the bank managers and schoolteachers: these are the people that used to dress up to come to work.

I am not saying we all do this. but if enough people dress down then it becomes the norm. We think it is ok when it is not. What sould you think if you went to see a lawyer and when you arrived for your appointment, he was at his desk wearing a t-shirt with a logo on it? We just assume lawyers know how to dress for business because that is what we are accustomed to seeing them in, and yes, we do think of them as professionals. We would all like to think of ourselves as professional, but do we conduct ourselves as such? Unfortunately, not all the time. We are quick to tell people that we are professional, that we could have done that job faster, better, and for less money than the other guy. Maybe when we stop telling people we are professional, we will become what we want to be.

With all that said, we can do better. The world is watching and we are leaders in this great industry we call towing. So let's make a strong effort in this fight to do better business and dress for success.

Ken Cruse
Ken posted this in Oct of 2002 and it rang a bell in my head. Stop and think about it.


McRae Towing said:

Jerry, Another great post.

Donating back time and resources to your industry and your community where you live not only feels good but that good feeling helps you get through the bad days in this business. At the worst, i personally handled 11 fatals in 9 months. Some were friends.

Ken's article very good also. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Thanks for your in site. George.


Trucker jeff said:

Jerry 1st of all congrats on member of the year and, once again you whacked the nail right on the head.I'm as blue in the face as the shirt on my back from, trying to talk about safety,professionalism,cooperation-and last but not least courtesy with the other drivers as well as some owners in our area.but if something that I have said or done has helped someone out then it was worth it i might not know it did make difference for sure but at least I DID TRY TO DO SOMETHING and, thats is what is all about.I came from the old school and learned a whole lot from listing to the older instructors like Donnie(god bless the Cruise family) Ross Kinman,Steve (Ican't spell his last name)in California and last but not least Terry the wonder of the free state. And still learn things from my boss everyday he might not think that all the time but I do.Remember you can make a difference.see ya Jeff


FTI Groups said:

If we all accept jerry's challenge and find a way to make a difference (even a small difference) this year, it will make the industry stronger.

Thanks Jerry.
-Jeffrey Godwin



FredsTowingNJ said:

I've noticed with our state towing association a lack of attendance at the meetings.Fred Koch,Jr.
Traa Ct#8216
Fred's Towing
South River,NJ



kc7lub said:

Why is it that a majority of state Towing Associations are geared toward owners/managers? Everywhere I look just about every Association asks about ownership or if your a manager.
Heres my challenge to all Towing Associations open your ranks to the employees that are working in the business.
As a Driver and employee I have a stake in the success of the business.

I apologize if this is not the right forum but I think the drivers and employees can help make a difference.


TZ said:

Brian, I agree drivers should be allowed to join the associations as dues paying associate members. But, even I can't work out the level of involvement since drivers do not share the same level of risk as the owners. There must be some common ground, as an associate member you may not be able to attend all the owner meetings but then the drivers could hold their own. Why, well we need to get back to something that was lost many years ago. Treat one another as brothers and sisters as other industries do. You want to raise the bar show the public that were united. We've gotten away from waving at our competitors when they pass to doing things to annoy one another. Starting from the ground floor and using the associations this negative attitude could be changed. The towers who care about the industry must become involved in the associations in order to promote it. Some level of regulations are coming some are already here, we can only hope that the states see the mess local authorities are making and become involved as MA has done. I hate to see regulations but the industries inability to police itself seems to be a leading cause.

Strong Associations, Lead to a Strong Industry. Join your State Association Today!


Trucker jeff said:

TZ you are on to something there big time


Jerry Riggs said:

OK, the way I see this drivers have just as much at stake as a owner. (ALMOST). Drivers buys homes, cars, got kids, Drivers can get hurt just as much or more than a owner.

Maybe the drivers could sign up at say 50% of the normal Owners dues amount. They could have a say and a vote on the safety releated issues. They could have a say on equipment issues also. After all who does the most work Drivers. The owners has all the money on the line, but with out our drivers we could not be owners. Just be a 1 man show.


OK, guys time to poop or get off. Change is happening in Tennessee as of right now. New folks will be taking over leadership of the Association in the next 60 days or less.

Training is already being talked about we already have the equipment lined up, and the local trainers to do instruct lined up.

We are working with other Associations about show dates so we don't mess with each other.

We as a association are going into the NEW Tennessee Association with the intent of putting PWOF to shame (sorry Joe), it may not happen but you HAVE to try.

Lets go fellas, change the face of the Towing Industry MAKE A DIFFERENCE


Whats the matter afraid to step up and make a difference. Dont act like little whipped pups, get out and do something.


annonymoose said:

Ok,my turn .
I'm getting tired of this stuff . Why is it Jerry that has to get ya off yer butt's ? He is so involved with things I dont think he has time to eat sometimes . For you who dont know ,Jerry is just a skinny OLD hillbilly from da state of Tennessee ,but he might just be the smartest one on this board ,or got him an ouija board . He see's beyond all the bullshi*,and politics involved in associations,museums,and 411 type boards .
Let this OLD hillbilly be your role model ,GET INVOLVED .Here ,in your state,and with your heritige in the museum.I am ,wazz da matter with you ? What da hell is your excuse ?
From da only Moose in da museum



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