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What would you do "safety discussion 4"


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4th in a Series of Safety Discussion Images




sirknucklehead said:

Are you serious?... Who would tow that this way? Is this something staged or did you actually see this one in progress?


mooresbp said:

I think that should be on a landoll. Don't think that should be on the road like that, and I don't see any tow lights.


Tow_Zone said:

I am now into images that are being sent to me via email. I am not at liberty to divulge the source of the images or the member would have posted them in Good Bad and Ugly themselves. Speaking of GBU, some images may be taken from old posts if I run out of what I have. Thanks


kunes towing said:

was this a Repo? If so... its very hard to repo using a landoll...
Would I do this? no... but I dont know the story of the tow/repo. Could be they grabbed it and took it to a spot where they had the proper truck.


Towgod46 said:

Maybe because they had the two one- tons there, that would be just as good as one MD duty. It's that new wrecker math there teaching kids these days. LoL. Using old wrecker math take the two one- tons add in the rain and it equals one big cluster ****.


rlc4523 said:

tires too big for straps and have no capture on the tires with the arms and the auto forks don't have chain hooks to at least chain the axle to the cross bar. I hope they are only moving it to a better location in that lot. We have a couple of those big "over compensating for something" trucks around here that we tow occasionally but always on the back of our MD from the front on the wheel lift with the drive line dropped. We strap the tires and chain the truck down and then also put our safeties on. Even if they would fit width wise on our FB they are too high going down the road.


NationalAutow Said:

Looks like a good poster picture for: Just because you can - Doesn't mean you should


Towgod46 said:

Been thinking about this, now at 55 I know I wouldn't do it. If I'm totally honest. Go back in time to 1978 and I had all that machismo, mouths at home to feed, not wanting to be the one that got sent out and couldn't get the job done. I most definitely would have done it. I've lucked out have never had a ticket or accident in a commercial vehicle. Not saying it is right. The repo companies don't care much HOW you get it just get it.


Silverhawk said:

Is a 22 foot rollback with a 12,000 deck.  Roll on, four point tie-down and bring it home.
Don't know about the height, but looks like a 13'6" load to me, loaded.


iqmech said:

honestly my first thought when I saw that picture was: IS HE INSANE????
no way would I touch that thing with a light duty. and in all honesty I really hate dealing with those highly modified vehicles to begin with.


George Geissinger said:

Do you have one of those tapes too that just keeps repeating itself after 13'4"-13'6" ?


hti said:

I wish I had taken a picture of the mid 90's international rollback I saw yesterday with nothing on the bed and a 20ft Toyota motor home on the wheel lift. It was sitting at a caseys store getting ready to pull out on the high way.


What are your thoughts on what it weighs I would bet under 10K. It would fit on a 21ft bed with regular tires. those wheels and tires will make a lot of height difference but not much in length


Tow_Zone said:

It has been years since I put one of these on a roll back. It felt really top heavy and if I had to turn to quickly or maneuver to avoid a hazard I think it might roll the truck. Anyway you look at it, even though we did it 10, 20 even 30 years ago. Today it cannot be justified even for a short move. Far to much risk involved.


Dave Lambert said:

As others have said, we don't know the whole story but...the tires are sitting on the wheel lift, not in it. There's only a small chance straps would keep the vehicle on the wheel lift under moderate to heavy braking even if you could strap it. When we were doing "panic stop" testing for the AAA Towing Manual, we've seen properly secured light-duty cars jump out of the wheel lift during extreme braking because the straps stretched so much. 21' flatbed would handle the job.
Crackerking said:
it looks like there is a strap on the bottom of the tire. maybe its running through the rim. Just my 2 cents
rlc4523 said:
Weight would not be an issue for a standard 450/550 recovery truck or 550 RB and of course any larger RB but the Wheel size, Lift height is what gets you in trouble. I would agree with Tow zone that with that thing on the RB a hard turn would feel really sketchy being the center of gravity would be extremely high. Also it depends on that trucks suspension how well it would ride on a RB if the suspension is really soft it would magnify every move you made making it worse. Leave it on the ground and tow it with a MD
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In Virginia, that vehicle violates the over height law, but that does not mean police enforce that law. Several years ago one of these ran into and over a car in Hampton, Va. - a fatality for car occupant. There is no way I would have anything to do with towing this truck. Straps would not fit it and chains would not keep it on a wheel lift. I have no interest in harming other people or damaging my truck.


    Ed Johnson, Coliseum Towing Service, Hampton, VA. 23666

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