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Got a call from a customer around 1130 pm stating his son had gone off the roadway on a seasonal road and rolled his 2500 chevy pickup. This particular road goes up a steep hillside into the back country where a lot of local hunters venture. Upon arrival I noticed the entire roadway leading to the casualty was sheer ice. I made the decision to walk the 3/4 of a mile up the hill to take a look at it. We brought spill containment supplies and straps and chains to secure it and prevent it from sliding down the hillside any further. After securing the casualty and insuring there were no fluid leaks We decided  it was best to leave the casualty vehicle there for the night and have a go at it the next day after it warmed up and the road was passable. At 11 am the next day my partner and I got our equipment up the hillside and performed the recovery. Using both trucks we were able to slide the casualty forward about 5 feet to clear a tree stump, up-righted the vehicle and winched it right up the embankment and on to my roll back. Total time including the night prior was 1-1/2 hours The scene was cleaned up of all debris and the the truck was towed to the customers home. IMG_0856.thumb.JPG.dc7a4f94b0417299ad168bd9c76e4683.JPGIMG_0857.thumb.JPG.cdb933c9d1bc31c2caa030c54753f9d6.JPGIMG_0855.thumb.JPG.ccce49bc556156a4925001388fa2c3d4.JPGIMG_0858.thumb.JPG.63e5c4675aff5e1c973593f3dff3fabe.JPGIMG_0860.thumb.JPG.94a70cd98698e7c8cbfea2265df49bf5.JPGIMG_0861.thumb.JPG.8697e546d8cbd8013f400cd8c5d26ae5.JPGIMG_0862.thumb.JPG.7e17f20ecc4004d62176e0c8e2e9225d.JPG


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