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Re: Seminar Invite - Advanced Emergency Warning

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Hi All … I guess December 1st means Merry Christmas as this year’s coming to an end. Tomorrow, my Christine and I are headed to Atlantic City for the American Towman Exposition.


I’d like to invite you to attend my PowerPointe seminar, entitled, “Towers and Advanced Emergency Warning”, Saturday, December 07, 2019, Room 310, at the convention center. This topic brings focus on what towers aren’t providing when working tow and recovery related incidents. As the result of as many as 334-tow operators killed in highway and roadway incidents, OSHA, NIOSH, Respondersafety.com, and Traffic Incident Management, all express the need of pre-warning motorists approaching a tow operator’s location.


My photo seminar is directed at ways towers can be more readily seen as they work. The seminar focuses on the liabilities and defenses a wayward motorist that declares, “How did I know that was a tow truck at work?” I invite tow owners, company manager’s, trainers and tow operators to be more aware. Because Slow-Down Move-Over isn’t effective, this seminar asks, “Are you doing everything you can do to increase your on-scene presence to identify your active work-zones?” I’m looking forward to seeing you there even if it’s just to say, “Hi”.       R.

Cone Truck 2.jpg

Randall C. Resch

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Congratulations of presenting this class!!  It is surely needed. 

I would suggest that everyone in the tow business attend.  Each time I see a tower is injured or is killed doing their job, it hits me hard. 

How many times have you been nearly run over ??

How many times have your traffic cones been hit ??  As a PSA for law, I have had several cones hit.  You will not believe it.


It could have been your employee or your self!

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I wish I could be there but unfortunately I'll be back at work. I am attending the TIM class again to refresh but your class sounds like it's more information to the tower. 

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