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Packer Rear tow...


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Topic Originally Created i=by hpgtow on Tow411 in Aug. of 2007:


Customer called said they had one of there packers stuck in Port Newark and one of the rear tandems were coming off... He advised it was about half loaded... My brother was already in the Port with a tractor so he stopped and gave me hand.... The rear axle was pretty far in so we decided to chain tow... We chained the hooper closed well and tightened the screw clamps that hold the hooper closed... Went to the rear axle with 5/8 grade 100 chains and cross chained it.... Released the brakes.. Pushed the tandems back in..Locked the brakes and put a safety strap to hold the tandems in... hey Al... The truck looks even better close up... Stay well. Steve










Ed Barker said:

Good job Steve,,,looks like it handled it very well,,,,,I like that yellow on your new paint job ,,,it sure stands tall.


Mr Waialae Chevron said:

When you tow it like that, do the chains want to crush the hopper?
Thanks Barney


hpgtowing said:

Thanks, Barney.. No it really don't leave chain marks... We have done them both ways..Cross chained and straight ... We have a large supply of old light duty tow sling straps from years ago.... We place them between the chains and the body... They work great.. they also use to work good on bumpers... There was a good amount of gear oil on the inside of the wheels and the top of the body... it looks to have been leaking for awhile ... Thanks.. Stay well.... Steve


FMS Mike said:

I am always amazed at that wrecker!! I love that truck, such a brute..nothing it can't do. HPG Can Do ALL!!




Jerrys Road Service said:

nice lift there.ive forked from rear frame on those but was a little struggle to keep sterrs down some times lol
Jerry's Towing
Santa Clarita ,Ca
hpgtowing said:
I had thought about forking it from the chassis.. But I am not crazy about having to lift something with this weight on tall forks and risers... The hump from hooper forces you to have the T-Bar very low and the forks very high... I just never liked that.... Thanks... Steve
HEY STEVE did you sell a wrecker to a guy in oklahoma????? there is a shop here in my town with about the same truck set up just wondering.
hpgtowing said:
Daryl.. If it is a Paystar like mine with the big 1400 X 24 rubber in the front and it has a 45 ton challenger on it? Then it's Kongs sister which I have been looking for? It should be the same truck as mine... No front outriggers.. and no front winch.. It should have a trebron under reach on it.... If it is the truck? I would greatly appreciate the owner name and number.... Thanks... Stay well.. Steve
Byron Coleman said:
Nice work and to anyone that may try this in the future always check the bolts that hold the packer to the chassis.They are often loose and worn at the rear.
In Memory of DNDTOWINGCOM who said:
Hey Steve, another good idea with the sling straps.645.gif I always used old aluminum truck frame sections about 4' long that had been cut in half long ways to make an angle. Place it between the towed unit and your chains. Disperses the load and the chains won't slide because they bite into the aluminum so the towed unit will not move from side to side.
Vegas Heavy Haul Inc.
dba. Big Valley Towing
Las Vegas, NV.
hpgtowing said:
Daryl... This is how it looked when George Logan owned it.... I guess the boom is still yellow.... This truck was identical to mine expect it had a Trebron Under Reach.. It had no front out riggers, No front winch, No drag winch and no Trebron Winching spade..... Thanks... Steve
unknown member said:
Kong is a beast. My only suggestion to what is already a masterpiece of towing equipment? ADD A LITTLE BIT OF RED PAINT TO THOSE WHEELS !! All white is too stark looking on that beast. LOL. To each his own. Good luck in reuniting with Kong's sibling.
Leroyhedrick r55_1559570275.gif said:
steve ,those trucks of yours are truly awesome!!!! the biger the better in most cases keep up the good work Leroy II, Maysville, WV wm# 99405
YES ITS THE SAME TRUCK FOR SURE,good luck getting him to sell.
hpgtowing said:
Daryl.. I called him right after I spoke to you... He didn't even have time to think about it before he said not for sale! I can't blame him... I would appreciate it if you could get a few pictures of it..... I'd like to see it? Thanks for your help just the same.... Steve
FMS Mike said:
Isn't 411 Great, Kong now knows where her sister is!!! Steve have u exhausted all efforts to bring her back to Jersey?
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