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Utah State Trooper Leaps Over Wall to avoid out of control car

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Anyone notice the office must have had his wheels turn towards traffic. We should take note of this and recognize how the police vehicle moved away from the officer and the disabled vehicle. Yes, it did turn into traffic, but no one outside there vehicle was injured. Not sure I would have jumped over the wall and the danger on the other side could be just as great. Besides, I'd never get over that size wall or possibly any size wall.

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This cop cam video comes at the same time Ron and I are back and forthing about working highway scenarios and being able to jump out of the way. I believe getting out of the way is only possible if one is focused on traffic like this officer was. If tow operators are focused on hooking up, or working their recovery and not focused on approaching traffic, jumping out of the way may not be possible even under the best conditions. And, like Moose says, there are many of us that won't be able to scale a wall under the best of conditions. I'm glad the officer was OK. As far as the police car ... the transmission must have stripped the parking pawl and the Ebrake may not have been applied as I'm amazed the unit it rolled across all lanes into the center wall.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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