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From TowTimes.com - Emergency Responders/AAA Ask Motorists to Use Caution During Thanksgiving Holiday


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AAA and first responders are asking motorists to drive safely and use caution when approaching emergency and roadside workers during the Thanksgiving holiday.


AAA estimates that 50 million travelers will be taking to the roads and is providing its Tow to Go program in designated locations, offering free towing to those who have had too much to drink. Various law enforcement agencies and state DOTs are also requesting that motorists obey Slow Down Move Over laws in their states and avoid distractions while driving.


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There have been plenty of discussions herein about the safety issues and concerns for those tow companies choosing to provide free tows for holiday revelers. Be vigilant when it comes to your personal safety. The moment you take on an individual who is marginally or greatly intoxicated, the environment and relationship can change in a moments notice. And, that includes the possibility of being set-up for robbery or other acts against you. Remember, tis' the season to be jolly, but that may not be so true for those looking to take advantage of a tow operator's generosity. Bottom-line? Forget about those 100-percent customer satisfaction scores ... please be careful throughout the holidays by making your safety your number-one priority.     R.


Randall C. Resch

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I see no reason whatsoever to offer this free tow service to a drunk. leave your car, (should have parked in a safe and legal space right??) take a cab uber, lyft, bus or whatever. sober up n go get your car the next day. we are emergency service providers and you not planning ahead then going out n getting hammered is not an emergency, its stupidity. Like Mr. Resch stated a drunks mood has a tendency to be like a light switch and god forbid something go wrong during the tow and there is damage caused. Sorry if i seem to be a bit harsh on people who cant act responsibly with alcohol but losing my father to a drunk driver has made me to have ZERO sympathy for them.


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It's a Marketing Scheme that started with T.O.W.E.D. over 2 decades ago. It was very well thought out and the news media embraced it. They Promoted the Tow Company and the Free Service. The cost of the Advertising was the fuel and however they paid the driver. Generally Companies saw this as a Christmas Bonus, many likely wrote it off. Like I said the marketing was well thought out and easy to implement. The Variables and subjecting untrained drivers to subjects that were intoxicated was the part that was not well planned.


T.O.W.E.D. kinda faded away and other programs come along. AAA saw the marketing value on a national level and started their own programs regionally. Not all regional office offer the plan and I do not know how it works. I would say it's just a basic tow AAA covers as though they were a AAA member.

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