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an expensive crash.

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Received a call from Mass State Police to respond to 495S @ 195 in Wareham for a ramptruck that was hauling a $130,000 sports car. The ramp truck went over the guardrail into the woods. We used our rotator to lift the car off the ramp truck, and then used both rotators to lift up the ramp truck up over the guardrail and onto our Landoll trailer to be transported back to our Freetown shop.











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towing4u said:
was the driver there to tell you how to recover his truck? every other customer knows how to...........
Ed Barker said:
Good job Eric, That's the way to get the mess cleaned up.what is your hourly minimum per tator,just curious?Thanks,Ed
Da Wash Boss said:
great great job,,,,, my question is what happen to the boom on your rotator. i see some really sharp looking trucks there with great detail on them. cannot help but notice how one boom is painted nice and the other one is in primer. great job super nice pics on everything you do. thank you for sharing.
Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
BigWheelRecovery Replied:
To answer your question on the primer extension we were lifting a 988 loader streight up with the aatac and the 60t century  we knew it was a heavy lift but it was going on a lowboy, the pin inside the aatac extension gave out an the boom slide in, scared the s;;;/ out of my son Dave. We called aatac THEN we drove her back an they installed the new updated section for 0, an also provided our driver with wheels for the 3 days. I must ad that they are 1st class people even though we had a failor they stood by there product.Even though we resently sold that unit it went out good as new I CAN ONLY SAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE PEOPLE AT AATAC. THANKS BOB
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