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Golight Unveils New Stryker ST and Golight GT LED Work Lamps

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Golight, Inc. has announced the launch of new, more powerful versions of both its Stryker ST and Golight GT remote-controlled LED work lamps.



Now featuring a beam strength of 544,000 candela, each lamp is 33 percent more powerful than before and 55 percent more intense than any competing product on the market, says Golight.

Both lamps feature the company’s proprietary P-Vex lens that optimally controls the raw lumens generated by 10 high-flux LEDs, creating an intense, tightly controlled 544,000-candela spot beam pattern that can illuminate a target at a distance of 4,839 feet (1,475 meters). The lamps feat optical design, lens clarity and powerful new LEDs generate a precise spectral pattern without dark spots or other imperfections.

“Our patented optics will now allow users to illuminate and see objects farther downrange than ever before,” said Colt Hosick, director of product development for Golight. “The bright white LED light beams these lamps project are between 5,800K to 6,200K, roughly the color temperature of natural sunlight and optimal for human vision. Combined, our lamp features enable users to see a more crisp and well-defined view of whatever target they need to illuminate.”

Hosick observes that the industry often confuses lumens with candela when it comes to lighting, and that this can be detrimental to any meaningful comparison. “It’s like comparing the light performance of a light bulb hanging in the middle of a room with that of a directional spotlight. It’s apples and oranges,” he said.

Spotlight performance measurements have been established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and that peak beam intensity is defined by candela. Beam intensity, represented strictly as candela, and maximum beam distance measurements are presented with all Golight models.

Both Stryker ST and Golight GT remote-controlled LED models focus their beam patterns at an 8-degree angle. Optional snap-on and snap-off flood lenses for broader area illumination applications are also available for both lamps and produce a more diffused beam with a 35-degree angle. These lenses are convenient accessories for scene lighting and for illuminating work sites.

Stryker ST and Golight GT remote-controlled LED work lamps are available in a variety of wireless and hard-wired versions and a range of permanent and portable magnetic mounting options. Remote controllers for both lamps also come in a variety of styles. The lamps come in 12- and 24-volt versions.

Both Stryker ST and Golight GT remote-controlled LED work lamps have hermetically sealed lamp structures and come with a high-impact, UV-ray-resistant and saltwater-resistant housing suitable for land and marine applications. The Stryker ST comes with a five-year unlimited warranty, and the Golight GT comes with a three-year unlimited warranty. Like all its products, these lamps are supported by Golight’s customer service department.

For more information visit Golight.com.


View the full article and more on TowTimes.com

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