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Re: Close the Highway for Tow-aways and Recoveries?

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I was reading the Canada post herein that reported ... "That section of the highway was closed for investigation, but was reopened around 6 PM". Not that it's putting the horse after the cart, but doesn't it make better sense to have LE close they highway section for Quick Clear rather than closing the same section to conduct a, "first responder fatality", investigation? For example, the tow operator killed in Canada this morning was working an active winch-out in wet/icy conditions. If the roadway was closed for that short period of time, wouldn't you agree that the tower would still be alive. Isn't there a better way? For big cities, what about increased traffic breaks?  Isn't there a better way? How is it that LE can't respond a patrol unit to stand by at the scene of a recovery or simple break-down, but they can sit on-scene for hours in a construction zone. There's something wrong with that way of thinking ... right?     R.

Randall C. Resch

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