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Company owned phone vs BYOD

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Just curious how many provide a company owner phone or tablet to your drivers vs how many allow your employees to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) such as their personal cell phone or tablet to use for running the Digital Dispatches and such for your company. 


There's pros/cons to both sides of this:

- Employees care more about THEIR phone/tables, and will take better care of it to not damage it vs, if it's not theirs, they don't care if they break it

- Potential for an employee to assert a claim against you IF their equipment gets broken in the course of their work, then you might be on the hook for paying for the replacement, vs, company owned equipment is company owned equipment

- Tracking & Privacy: With the Digital Dispatching and other apps that track your location, there's a concern about breach of privacy for the employee potentially always being "followed" the the GPS/App, unless they log out of it on their personal device, vs, company owned equipment can always be tracked (as a company asset) and can be left at home while off-duty/not working. 


So what are you doing? Is your company providing the phone/tablet to your employees or are you allowing your employees to use their own device with your software/App/Digital Dispatch?? Thanks for your responses in advance!



~ I'm not an attorney, nor do I represent to be one. I provide my personal opinion and that on behalf of myself, my company and our operations.

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