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Reinstalling Driveshfts


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These is from a topic found on FB:


Who re-installs driveshafts after pulling them for a tow?


SF said:

typically not for our company only certain circumstances. if we do, we have them sign on the invoice that it was not installed by oem standards and should get new hardware or loctite and torqued by a repair shop.


CW said:

If we pull it... we reinstall it..


TL said:

Only if it came to our shop and I had a torque wrench and loctite or if I knew and talked to another mechanic and he was gonna loctite/torque.


CJB said:

We do not. Unless they are willing to sign a waiver of liability.


RB Jr said:

We do every time we let them know it’s not torqued to spec


VKH said:

Depends on breakdown, customers request. On semi’s I pull axle shaft much easier.


BME said:

nope if ya reinstall it wrong your liable.


RC Jr said:

95% of the time no


BM said:



GS said:

Depending on their attitude. Everyone one has their way


SM said:

Only disconnect from the rear and hang it so always reinstall.


DMG said:

Never too much of a liability


BB said:

I leave it up to the shop. Separate fee for reinstallation and waiver signed acknowledging not torqued to specs


SC said:

Makes customers happy


MR said:

Why would you put a used u-joint back in?

Yall need to look at liability! No wonder I pay out the but for insurance


RS said:

If u remove it u should put it back if u can't put it back don't remove it


JA said:

Even AAA says not to as they are single use only items ..


RS Jr said:

Drive shaft bolts and straps should be replaced when they are removed.


JH said:

Not worth the liability


JR said:

Huge liability. The driveshaft comes out, shop reinstalls unless customer wants to sign a damage waiver, then the shaft can stay in.


BC said:

I reinstall and tag them so shop can inspect......most trucks are just derated so around where im at all shops request them to be reinstalled unless hardware was damaged on removal.


AF said:

We do . . . I hate it but it's a must if you want work now days.


DC said:

I never re installed them.... even for the customers who I was supposed to do it for. I always told the customers it’s their problem. Mechanics need to stop being lazy and do their job.


CS said:

Try not to. If we do we charge for it. But we usually use the excuse that it’s usually recommended to replace hardware and to to be torqued. We don’t usually want to be liable.


MP said:




KS said:

I did. No longer will we do it. We where accused of damaging a transmission. Because they thought we never removed it. Now I leave them out.


MP said:

Ask ur insurance if u have coverage for mechanical work first ... why ? Because in case something goes wrong with that driveshaft it’s on u out of pocket claim ...we don’t ...


DJ said:

You should never reinstall a drive shaft. All manufacturer’s have recommendations regarding bolts and straps, timing and torque settings.
You arent mechanics and you will be held responsible if that shaft comes out or apart after you reinstall it. The Industry Standard is that you do NOT reinstall drive shafts.


CL said:

Only for our Penske account.


DDMC said:

I very seldom had to deal with a drive shaft but if I did I would put it back N if possible! I would put it back N to make sure that it didn’t come up missing and wouldn’t have to worry about replacing it! U could always put it N the back of a pick-up truck but it still could disappear! ELIMINATE WORRY!


AHS said:

Sometimes I will for this one shop, but only just to park it. Than I pull it again. Only did it once and it was a motorhome. That shop is a pain for parking.


BF said:

I reinstall if its needed if its not or the customer tells me not too... i dont but i will do it but not before i tell the shop manager or whoever im seeing to drop the vehicle off to let them know to recheck and retorque drive shaft and hardware... and then document on my work order thats how i avoid liability. Some manufactures andnplaces may tell you that straps and bolts are one time use but after having experience in the heavy truck repair field and not just towing i can tell you there hundreds of trucks driving around with shaft bolts and straps that have been reused re torqued.


JM said:

Always do unless it's a rear end problem. Everyone claims they're not certified to reinstall them but can remove them. Makes no sense to me but to each his own.


JU said:

Here in Northern AZ 55.00 charge off your bill if you don't


NM said:

the company i work for has it written on our paperwork we fill out for every tow that the tow op is responsible for reinstalling the driveline.


DM said:

Our insurance actually forbids us to reinstall driveshafts since we are not certified technicians


GS said:

Problem is if we install it and it snaps or falls out then it’s blamed on a mechanic. What I say is I will place it back but have a mechanic come and torque it.


WVS said:

We have an ASE heavy driveline certified guy, but its extra that insurance, roadside typically doesn't pay for. Usually, we leave the shaft just under the driver's side door, actually fill out the drop form with a big notation about the shaft, and note our ticket + leave 3rd copy of ticket.



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