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Our TowForce 2020 Mission Fund New Supporter Promotion

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Savannah is raising funds for her 2020 Mission Trip. At the end of 2018 we began raising funds for her 2019 Mission Trip to Poland and members donated more than $1000.00. While we realize this is not Towing related event it is something the Towing Community has supported in the past and I hope to continue with different efforts once Savannah Graduates High School.


What do TowForce Members get for a donation, First and Foremost you are supporting a worthy cause. New Supporters are providing support for a worthy cause of ministry while showing support for our online community with a Patron or Sponsor Bar. During the last two months of 2019 the funds from All New Patron Members as well as Bronze Sponsors will go towards funding this Mission Trip.


Check out the supporter levels here https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/




For those who may not know Savannah has been conducting the drawing of member names for prizes here most of her life. If she is busy and I am busy we have to wait. Actually, I think it's more she is busy... In fact I wanted to add a video to this topic and she is with School Friends this weekend.


Anyway, to support Savannah on her Summer 2020 Mission Trip.  All First Time Patron Level member contributions will go towards her goal of $2900.00. This year a Goal of $1500 has been set from TowForce Supporters. If you are currently a supporter and would like to support this mission trip. Contact me and I will advise how you can provide such needed support. Should we gather more funds over what is needed, we will assist another student on their mission. Thank you


Check out the levels here https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/




In order to reach this goal TOWFORCE Bronze level has been added this year.


"The camp will be an “international mix” of fun and learning for all thru sport, art, English and culture. The summer theme will be “THERE IS MORE…” and Bible teaching will focus on all that God adds to our lives.  


The Southeast team will have opportunities to add to camp through - building relationships with campers and our young camp counselors/volunteers, possibly sharing testimonies/devotions/short sermons with campers or camp staff, and helping lead sports, big group games, English lessons, art/craft clubs."


If you have any question or are currently a Tow411 supporter please reply either in this topic or by private message. You are also welcome to send me a Text Message anytime. 502 376 3071 Thank you!

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In order to surpass the $1500 Goal Set towards the $3000 needed.


we have decided to include all Patron & Bronze Renewals during the month of November.


I want to Thank those who created Text Messages Inquires on how to support the Mission Trip!


You Guys are the best I will create a list of New Patrons and Renewals here


cws - Patron III Level Renewal

ESC - Patron III Level Renewal

Austin Jacob - Supporter Level

Moose - New Patron I Level

Paulie417 - Patron II Level Renewal


$1500 Goal - $236 from Supporters = $1264 remaining to meet Goal

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We also except well wishes starting now. So, even if you chose not to participate please let Savannah know you support her desire to minister to other youth both at home and abroad.


Your response in this topic will add your name to our weekly T-Shirt Drawing.


Again, Thank you so much for your consideration and support. As we also show our appreciation for the continued support of our current Patrons and Sponsors. Without you "The Only Social Media Venue of its type in the Towing Industry" would not be possible.


While were at it should we continue the tradition of a Holiday Gift Drawing this year or have things changed over time?


Disclaimer: Why yes this is an interactive participation is requested topic.

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What a great opportunity and great topic! I cannot donate at this exact moment as I am away from my wallet. Just showing this site to my best friends who are out with me this evening and came across this post. We are out and about but not carrying our purses and only carrying minimal cash due to so many horrible news stories that keep airing. However, I intend on revisiting this page when I do get back to my credit cards and sending out what I am able to in support of Savannah and her 2020 Mission Trip. My friends are asking how they can spread the word. They are great ambassadors. Is there another site that they may be able to donate on? Is there a link that I can give them? Please let me know and we will all get to work!!


Go Savannah! Hope you reach your goal!! I will be back.....



Dee Witman

Manayunk PA

Denise E. Witman

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Dee Witman, we certainly appreciate the positive words. This is what Savannah saves for and even goes as far as asking relatives for over the Holidays instead of gifts. There are other methods to assist in funding this Mission Trip in her name. I will have links up later today. Thank you so much as well as others who have contacted me.


And for those that cannot give at this time the promotion will run through the end of the end. We are starting this much earlier this time as we pushed funding the trip right up to the last minute last year. Also, if you are unable to give or have allocated your funds elsewhere. Still reply with your thoughts on Savannah Mission and you will be entered in our T-Shirt Tuesday Drawing. We will be adding more names each week all month long.


God Bless everyone of our members and those who give through the links provided later today. Thank you!






(This is a direct link to the fund and does not include Patron/Sponsor Status)


To Sign Up for a Patron or Sponsor Status during this Promotion.


Make you contribution here: https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/

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Yes, I realize I started this much earlier then last year. However, it would be great to get this trip funded before the year of the year.


Those who are not currently supporters or are simply returning supporters. Can join the program and also support this Mission Trip.


Supporter Link: https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/


Direct Support Link:



Current Count:


TRIP: $2400.00 - $150.00 = $2250.00 needed


ADDL. EXPENSES: $400.00 - $150.00 = $250.00 needed.


Total to raise to date: $2100.00


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Add Me To The List. I will support Savannah and her Mission Trips.


Oh and yeah I suppose that means I support TowForce. What happened to Tow411, it looks the same and some of the names are the same. But, it isn't the same! Anyone else notice that or is it just me?

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