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Local business comes to the rescue (IN)

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On Friday, Sept. 20, I was on my way with several other street rod buddies to the Clymer Days celebration, driving my 1939 Chevrolet coupe. I experienced a serious breakdown on the road from Tanoma to Bar Slope which completely disabled my vehicle.


Because of the construction of the car, I immediately knew, without a doubt, that my car could not just be towed with a standard tow truck without the likely consequence of incurring considerable damage caused by the towing process itself. I said a prayer: “Lord, I need not only a tilt bed style truck, but in addition, I need a driver who knows what he’s doing.”


It was just after 6 p.m., after getting no response from calling six different local towing companies, that I tried Mohney’s. Mr. J.D. Bishop answered the phone and said he could be there but it could be two hours. He then asked the nature of this tow job which I explained to him in detail. J.D. said, “I know what I need to bring with me.”


Some 45 minutes later, the Mohney tilt bed driven by J.D. arrived. Using the extra, much-needed equipment that he brought with him, the car was loaded onto the truck, secured, delivered and unloaded into my garage without incident or damage to a very expensive vehicle.


The cost for this excellent service was more than fair. I would say Mohney’s Towing Service was an answer to a prayer.


As a result of my personal experience, I highly recommend Mohney’s and J.D. Bishop.


Gary Gardner


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