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Re: On-Scene Clean-Up

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Over the years, I've recorded as many as eight tow operators killed while cleaning accident debris. So, here I am reading and interesting rant about tow truck drivers who don't clean-up at accident scenes. It seems that motorists don't understand the dangers associated with tow operators as a pedestrian workers on the city streets and highways. This link https://www.thedenverchannel.com/traffic/driving-you-crazy/driving-you-crazy-why-dont-tow-truck-drivers-clean-up-after-a-wrecks-anymore is an example of one man's displeasure. So, when you're working a multi-car accident scene and there's lots of glass and debris, don't ya' just hate those towers who just swoop-in to load a car and then split? I recall the time when, working graveyard patrol in San Diego, a tower came, s cooped and went with no assist to clean-up while the other tow company was left with all the debris. I quickly called dispatch and ordered the tow company to return. He wasn't too happy, but, we had one of those, "administrative chats" ... if ya' know what I mean.       R    

Randall C. Resch

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