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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in March of 2011:


First post so i figured it should be something a little more different than just a regular tow. Aftermath of a broken down TT on the side of the highway when another gets too close and smacks into the side of it at 60mph!!!




Some orange fencing worked very well with some 2X4s holding it down to keep the loose debri secure




After cleaning up the side with our demo saw this is what we had left. The rim was needed to get some of the bow and flex out of the side 1/2 inch chain and some binders held it together well.




Some 2X4s along the bottom and up to the top corner, and some ratchet straps to keep pressure.




A job that was perfect for the 14 ton. Hooked both supply air and service.




Slight crack in the front piece so we figured we had better at least triangulate the front section from hole in apron to landing gear. After 2 men and about 3 hours it was ready for the journey to its final resting place.


Junior42 said:

We had one a few months ago that looked like that, but a little worse unfortunately. Both walls were shot, had cracks in the floor "frame" and cross members all over, the front was blown out as well. Oh yea, and it was on its side with no tractor. Another company from a few hours away brought a power swap for the lease company that was on the front end, and decided to dolly down a fully loaded 53' on an asphalt shoulder that already had deep stress fractures. Oh yea, then they uprighted it, said they couldn't make it back to their yard with it and laid it back over, hard.. and their strap placement left what good piece of trailer left in horrible shape. Made for an interesting recovery on our part... and a long slow ride back to the shop.

Good looking roadside repair and tow.



Chance              BAR 'S' Towing & Recovery            Alexandria, LA         Leesville, LA

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