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MatJack Jumbo Standard Turbo Set

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Mat Jack Jumbo Standard Turbo Set
This Kit provides ample power for up-righting all normal tankers and trailers, up to 80,000 lb. gross weight.



Kit Contains:
2-(SQ36TURBO) Super Starter Cushions
4-(SQ90TURBO) Super Jumbo High-Lift Angle Top Cushions .1- (J. AIR COMP)Air Compressor
(with 5hp Honda Engine)1-(T-6P.V.B) 6 Port Expandable Valve Bank with overload protection . 6-(DP125) Male dust Pligs. 8-(t.1-1/4 x 4 BOS.30) 30 Foot Turbo Hose. 2-(T.PL.Pole) Extending Placing Poles.6 (AC125- A-Turbo) Blanking Plugs.10

Like New condition


ASKING PRICE IS $ 12,750.00 

If interested please call ED -916-802-7071






If interested please call ED -916-802-7071




If interested please call ED -916-802-7071





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