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F550 springs/air bags

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We have a 2019 f550 with a mpl40 on it the springs seem weak thinking about installing air bags to help them has anyone done this if so did it help thank you

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Im not a fan of airbags.  Too many hassles in my opinion.  I just had my 2015 Dodge 5500/ MPL40 at a local spring shop called Spring Service Station in Reading PA.  I picked it up friday.  For under $900 they added two leafs to the main pack of springs and got things working great!   My truck had been weak from day 1 and with use it has become worse and worse.   Now it rides a lot better empty, and tows alot better.  Much safer all around.   A few years ago my 2011 Dodge had two leafs added to the main pack and an additional helper spring added and that truck is great.  Cost about $1400.    I am so happy with the work they do, that I would never go any other direction with it.



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I've had a couple customers of mine add two leafs to the springs as well. They prefer them to the air bags because its maintenance free. Install them and forget them. No air adjustments, no worries if the bags get cut.  

JT Burkard

Jerr-Dan Sales Consultant

All American Jerr-Dan, Old Bridge, NJ

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