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Topic Originally Created by Doug Fitzgerald on Tow411 in May of 2005:


This is a maintainer we recovered 2 weeks ago also.
We went with the 91 Kodiak and the 75 Chev 1 ton 4X4 but did not need the Kodiak.
Skip helped rig and took the pics.
I recovered it using a triple line hooked back to the truck (no deadman) only anchor for the truck was the scotch blocks.
Notice how the tires are mashed down .











I have done so much with so little for so long that I now can do almost anything with nothing


pttowguy said:

WOW! What a strong working 1 ton! Great pics.



TOwBoy88 said:

Why did you pick the 1-ton over the Kodiak for this job since both were already there?Billy M.
Bill's Towing
Jacksonville, IL
(217) 245-7835


Jim Lundsford said:

as I recall that little 1 ton has a 20k or so winch...good pull Doug...you get all the good ones


DWH842 said:

You show'em how Doug, not everyone in texas needs three big'uns to handle one small problem.


Doug Fitzgerald said:

The one ton has a 20000 Lbs winch with over 200' 1/2'' cable (yes I know I am old school not wire rope) so it is great for recovery jobs.
I learned many years ago all the tricks about leverage

But I have recovered some things you can not beleive with the Kodiak/No-Mar 10-10.
I built a new tailgate on the Kodiak with 2 D rings and 4 eyes to hook blocks to and it is bolted into the frame with 1/2'' plate run 30'' up inside the frame bolted in with 13 bolts each and a heavy angle iron under the bottom of the frame.

I have not done too much real heavy recovery yet with my 2001 GMC 6500/No-Mar 10-10 but have pulled some stuck macks etc with it.

DougI have done so much with so little for so long that I now can do almost anything with nothing

TOwBoy88 said:

Thanks for clarifying that for me Doug.

Was just a wondering mind...you know us wrecker operators.Billy M.
Bill's Towing
Jacksonville, IL


Guest Said:

An excellent job of rigging,and I still call them cables too!!
there are just somethings that you can't change - And most of us ole' time string wrecker users can still communicate with each other without being "correct" in describing the piece of equipment we are using.
Thanks for sharing with us !

Kenny@Defalco's Heavy Recovery


KJBAND13OC said:

I am so happy to see this.I use almost the same truck to do some heavy recoveries.Good job


Mike Scheidt said:

nice to see someone uses there 4x4 like we do its amazing what those little trucks will pull with a little rigging



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