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Workin with a crane.

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Topic Originally Created by nullstowing in September of 2006:


Yesterday we moved four tanks for a customer from a place that they have been renting to their new loctaion. a 70 ton crane was used to lift them out of the pit they were in and set them on the Landoll. The tanks were 12 foot around which made us 15 feet high. We made the 8 mile trip three times in order to move all the tanks. Once we were at the new location we used the 45 ton NRC slider to reach out and pick them off of the trailer and set the tanks on the ground. Once all the tanks were moved the crane was moved to the new location and set the tanks in.

















We had to help lay this one on its side.















When we were completed we had a mess to clean up!


letsplay2 said:

What was kept in those tanks???


nullstowing said:

Liquid nitrogen...They have been at this location for app. 30 years. So they had all the sludge in the bottom of them from over the years. When we got going down the road it decided to come out.


letsplay2 said:

Sludge.... Pressure Washer's sure love that.


pg904 said:

how much did those tanks weight?


nullstowing said:

25 ton was the big one, the other steel tank was 15 ton and the stainless tanks were 5 ton each.





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