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360 Towing Solutions Houston To Use Drones for Inspection of Car Breakdown Situations


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HOUSTON--(Business Wire)--360 Towing Solutions Houston, a trusted towing Houston service provider, recently announced that they are toying with the idea of using unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to inspect car breakdown situations within the Houston area. The owners said that this is going to be a revolutionary step for increasing the efficiency of their towing professionals who operate throughout the Houston area all round the clock. At a recent press conference, they spilled the details of their future strategy.


According to the owners, starting October 2019, they will deploy a few drones which will be used for taking photographs and videos of stranded vehicles. The Houston towing and roadside assistance service provider aims to use latest technologies for increasing the efficiency of their roadside towing services.


One of the senior executives of the company said, “We have planned to use drones for aerial inspection of stranded vehicles. Drones will be sent to the stranded vehicles first and the drone will be used for capturing photos and videos of the stranded vehicles. The drone will send the photos and videos to our control room and the roadside assistance Houston professionals heading for towing the vehicle would be able to know what kind of tools they need to carry or what kind of tow truck is needed for towing the vehicle. This will increase our efficiency by a few notches.”


Richard Miller, the CEO of the company, said that they have invested in tow truck Houston before this. Now, they are going to invest in latest technologies to better assess breakdown situations and to act accordingly.


“Drone technology has come a long way and the technology is progressively being used across industries. We thought we should change the way vehicles have been traditionally towed. With an aim to revolutionize the towing solutions in Houston, we are going to introduce drones soon for aerial inspection and towing situation assessment. We believe this bold step will put us miles ahead of our competitors,” said the CEO of the company during a recent press conference.


About the Company

360 Towing Solutions Houston is one of the leading towing service providers in Houston area.

To know more, visit https://360towingsolutions.com/houston/

Full Address: 7111 Harwin Dr #125d, Houston, TX. 77036


View source version on businesswire.com:

360 Towing Solutions Houston
Richard Miller
Phone: (713) 781-1181
Email: info@360towingsolutions.com

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So, basically you are using technology, to beat the competition, and to get to a stranded motorist first? Your vehicles should be equipped with the proper tools. You should not have to survey the scene. When someone who is a meth head and has been tweeking for two weeks and is paranoid shoots one of these out of the sky what are you going to do? Seems like you are just looking for an edge to put your company in front of the customer first.

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It sounds like new technology, but, George Jetson was waaaaaay ahead of our time ... flying space-cars, moving sidewalks, robotic maids, talking dogs named Astro, sight on sound telephones, jet-packs for personal flight ... come on. Does this mean the company's drone will subsequently fly/patrol the highways and city streets looking for disabled vehicles? So, fast forward to 50-companies looking for disabled vehicles in the same areas. Will there become the need for air-traffic control to avoid collision? And when two drone (flying over the highway) crash into one another and then drop into moving highway lanes, what's the liability there? The industry has seen its share of towers being creative in attempts to add charges to invoices where insurance companies already balk at paying. So, what will a, "drone scene survey", cost per hour to include the operator's cut? Who's gonna' pay for drone services?  Are drones a necessity or simply another way to add excessive charges to a tower's invoice. Personally, I know that much of heavy recovery work that's being conducted occurs to the underside of a truck's frame when attaching chain and cable, so, how will a drone be able to provide assessment shots from the underside of a destroyed semi?  I do see a value when a casualty is over a steep embankment though as an aide to photo and video the complexity of a tow or recovery scene, but not as a means to assess a disabled vehicle that's suddenly broke-down. But, like technology that's used in other industries, they're may be a few instances where drone use is proper. To do so (fly commercially) for business purposes, the drone's operators will have to register and take a FAA approved knowledge test to get a remote pilot's license and pass a TSA security background investigation. That's just another form of licensing and going through another background application that has to be passed. Not to be flippant here, but it's hard enough to get towers to attend FREE TIM training or formal industry training, yet alone go through the hassle of attaining a drone pilot's license. At the moment, I personally don't see drones adding anything positive in creating tow operator safety, but keep those ideas coming guys.     R.

Edited by rreschran

Randall C. Resch

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My concern is that the FAA generally prohibits flying drones over people or highways. Not to mention the licensing and registration requirements Randy mentioned above.


I am all for technological advances, however we need to make sure we are not adding to the problems.



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