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Do you have a Gremlin in your lot?

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Produced from 1970 to 1978, the Gremlin was effectively a Hornet with the rear end sliced off. While is could be considered a compact and direct competitor of the Ford Pinto or Chevrolet Vega, Gremlin came with a proved in-line 6-cyl engine while both the popular cars only had in-line 4's. Starting in 1973, you could even order a V8 in the Gremlin which made it get up and scoot. The X-package came out in 1971 and added a bit of color and style. Later on there was a Levi edition which featured an interior of simulated blue denim and genuine Levi Strauss buttons.

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... and if you're in the mood for good, clean, stupid fun, watch the 1970 cult-movie, "Brewster McCloud", where an AMC Gremlin was stuffed with a 390. This link is part of the movie ... the Gremlin appears for a brief couple of moments past 1:43 in the clip. The chase scene in the movie was awesome and shows the actions of some great muscle Camaro's, Road Runner's and the Gremlin.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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