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Motorcyclist killed after crashing into wrecker (TX)


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Motorcyclist killed after crashing into wrecker in NE Houston

Houston police said speeding is to blame for the deadly crash.


HOUSTON — Houston police said speeding is to blame for a fatal motorcycle accident in northeast Houston Saturday morning.


The motorcyclist was driving in the 6800 block of Jensen Drive when they failed to stop and crashed into a wrecker that was pulling a car from a ditch, according to police. 


The motorcyclist was pronounced dead on scene.



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I consulted in a California death-case where a motorcyclist ran into the rear of a carrier pulling-off onto the shoulder to tow a vehicle. The motorcycle was also at speed and failed to slow down and move over. The motorcyclist impacted the rear of the carrier as the carrier was moving from traffic lanes and headed onto the shoulder with his over-head amber lights on. The motorcyclist was lifted off his motorcycle and dropped into traffic lanes where he was struck by another vehicle. The coroner stated the second impact was what caused his fatal injuries. Fast forward to a high-dollar lawsuit where the Plaintiff's "expert witness", threw the tow company and the tower under the proverbial bus insinuating the tow truck's lights most likely blinded the motorcyclist. The Plaintiff's guardian was ultimately awarded a huge, but undisclosed amount when the case settled out of court. In these kinds of cases, the Plaintiff's attorneys focused on the tow company's Employee Handbook, whether or not the tower received, "formal training", from a recognized, tow training entity, and whether or not the tower had received TIMs training. Also important to this case was the premise of the Move-Over Law and the vehicle code law for amber lighting. Their so-called, "expert witness", in his "pay for hire", deposition, used the phrases, "I don't know", and "I don't recall", literally dozens of times. So much for being an expert. Lessons learned? Know the vehicle code laws in your area, towers, get thoroughly trained, and owners, be sure your company has an employee handbook that covers the most important activities regarding your business.  I the case mentioned above, I don't think the move-over law applies to this non-highway location.  YoBdaBen presents a great question about on-scene preparation.     R. 

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Randall C. Resch

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I believe that the TIMS or similar training should be mandatory. If we desire to be professionals, we need to present as professionals. The big picture around a scene is 100 yards around a scene. I have never attended TIMS. I am currently attending OSHA training, and a great amount of emphasis is on the fatal 4 scenarios linked to most fatalities. They are falls, struck by, pinned in between, and electrocution. Towing and securing the casualty is important. It is a chapter in the book. The book, entitled, " My safe journey home" has a first chapter on preparing for your shift 12 hours in advance. The second chapter deals with preparing yourself and your equipment, the third is arriving on scene and planning to conquer your casualty, the fourth is controling and owning your scene, fifth is securing your casualty and mitigating your scene, sixth is departing safely and decompressing, seventh is preparing and being prepared for the next call. You are the professional. You must work efficiently, but your number one goal is to go home alive.

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