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National Move Over Day October 19, 2019

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Easy Questions, answer one or all:


Are you Participating?


Is your Company Participating?


Is your State Association Participating?


IS your Company a Member of a State or National Association?



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All tow companies and tow operator's alike should support the National Move-Over Law.


I salute those tow owners who make it their company's priority to get involved in requiring solid training and company policy that represents white-line safety in a proactive manner. 


In more than 30-years, I've compiled a list that confirms and documents more than 300-highway related operator strikes resulting in fatality. This number doesn't represent the number of operators hit or injured. I also believe that American Towman's Spirit Ride was a huge success in helping to bring awareness of SDMO to communities across America. And, committing to Tow First and NOT changing tires on the highways is helping to reduce operator fatalities. 


As for the questions asked above, I say, "Yes", to three out of four as my entire career has revolved around tow operator and first-responder safety, but I'm not a member of any state association. I believe all towers ... members or not, should fully support and hold-up SDMO in the best interests of their individual survival. One DOESN'T have to be a member of an association to do so.


Accordingly, if you witness a tower haphazardly standing on the white-line, it's your responsibility to say something to them. If they bark back at you, at least you've made an attempt to make them aware of their careless ways. As it regards all towers, ... the life you save MAY be your own.  R

Randall C. Resch

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Yes to all questions! The accident on August 26th in Milwaukee, Wis. involving a flatbed from Rays Towing is the perfect example is why everyone should participate. There is going to be benefit car truck show on Sept. 22nd. 2019 at Herman's Auto clinic 6100 S. Howell Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. to help out Rays driver that was injured in that crash. Everyone stay safe out there. Jack

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