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Mini Tator!!

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2012:



Received a call from a Cruise Ship company that was docked in New Bedford Harbor to assist them in lifting a couple of propellers.  Apparently the propellers were being refurbished and needed to be placed on the deck of the Cruise Ship to be replaced in Virginia when they arrived at their destination.  We responded with our mini tracked crane and lifted the propellers one at a time onto the deck of the cruise ship.


























bandctowing said:

Now that is different.  I though you got a new truck when i read mini tator in the head line. Now lets see some good jobs !!!



bigberthastowing said:

What a handy piece of equipment to have at your disposal. very nice!



Vulcan UK said:

i love that little crane, just proves bigger is not always better


Niemans Towing r53_1559570274.gif said:

that's would be very handy to have


ILTowman said:

not something you get to do everyday. Nice work Eric


Kurt Wilson


David V said:

Any Idea what they weighed?  Thanks, David V.


WheelLiftWarrior said:

not as much as one of those puppies cost david


IWS Wendy said:

Nice job! Thanks for sharing the photos with us.



BigWheelRecovery r59_1559570276.gif said:

They told me approx 650 lbs



Blue Stripe said:

What is the reach of that little crane, and what is the weight limit for lifting?
Chris Flynn, WM 091008
Boardman Towing & Recovery
BigWheelRecovery r59_1559570276.gif said:
I think about 40 ft and I've picked about 1000 lbs all the way out thAnks Eric
Rudy Smith r59_1559570276.gif said:
Eric, who is the Manufacturer & what is the model of that crane.  WAY COOL & very helpful piece of equipment !


JoeShoreline said:


Big Wheel lifting a "BIG WHEEL"laugh.gif Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Cool piece of equipment. Never seen one of those before.


SITTOW said:

Your like Batman, you have all the cool toys. Good job as always.



qball said:

not to nit-pick, but i have run cranes for 20 years and have to point out, you should scope out to your maximum boom length needed before picking. i have yet to run a crane that likes to be scoped under load, and most expressly forbid it.
that being said, what a sweet little rig.


BigWheelRecovery r59_1559570276.gif said:

What are you saying I checked it out had JUST enough reach I'm not sure what your saying. Thanks Eric



David V said:

Eric, I think what qball is saying is that you are not supposed to extended a crane boom while it is loaded, like you can with most tow trucks/wreckers.  So, you should extend as far as needed to pick up the load, and then swing and set down the load without extending out any farther.  Basically, replace "scope/scoped" with "extend/extended" in his sentence.  David V.


Acestowing said:

I believe that is what he was getting at. I was also told this by a crane operator a couple years ago also.


David V said:

And probably, "scope" is derived from "telescope", but not the one you look throughhappy.gif.  David V

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