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Fleet Management Companies ?


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Topic Originally Created in April of 2012:


I work for ARI and have had good relations with them . What other fleet management companies should i look into to pick up more medium and heavy towing ?


SF Towing said:

Ryder is usually good for a ton of work. Some of it is BS but it usually keeps the trucks busy!


dragonwagonII said:

Contact suggestions ? I assume they have a breakdown division .


StamperS Tow said:

Fleet Net has always been good to us.


Low Boy said:

Coach net. Also u can get in touch of daimler chrysler breakdown, they can put u on a vendor list for sterling, western star, and freightliner. Paccar breakdown for KW and peterbilt.


Acestowing said:

Are you on ARI for strictly towing or repairs too?


Low Boy said:

Ahh yea I forgot all about the towing network. They are getting more larger companies also, I have done a few usa trucks for them recently. Always good for a few pumpkins a week.


SF Towing said:

Ryder is done per location so you'd find the closest one to you and have to sell yourself. There is a Ryder central dispatch system for breakdowns (RCRC) but that's typically used at night and weekends. During the day you'd get a call directly from the Ryder shop.


dragonwagonII said:

Towing , i do not do repair work .

I have been called by coach net in the past . Motor coach work which i avoid . Underreach is not long enough for the buses .

Thanks for the suggestions . I have worked for ryder in the past , u haul too . Just seems like at some point we fall right out of there systems for unknown reasons . Im going to place some calls Monday and see if we can get back on the radar . 


David V said:

We get a lot of Penske calls, don't know how we got on the list.  It can vary from "We have a truck in town with bad wipers, can you replace them"? to "we have a tractor trailer that is not charging the battery for the lift gate, can you jump him to get him back to the hub"?  Also might check with FedEx, most of them are subcontractors, and the Sprinters have the potential to keep you busy.  David V.


dragonwagonII said:

We do a little work for fed ex , werner , ups , its just a rural area and theres no volume to any of them . U haul sent me a number of calls last year and then nothing . Talked to them and they said were in good standing just no trucks have issues in this area .

Its a matter of finding enough different accounts as your never going to see a lot of work from any one in this area . Im seeing what i can do with a couple of the leads mentioned here . Some of them iv worked for years ago .


unknown member said:

Any information for a contact for Penske or do they run like Ryder?


David V said:

I don't have any contact for Penske, I am no sure how they got us on their list. If you go to their website, on the bottom left of the page there is an 800 number, that might get you somewhere. David V.


dragonwagonII said:

See thats how its been for us too . A company such as penske just starts using our service , but they seem to disapear in the same manner . I talked to  a ma bell driver today as to who was towing them , very talkative guy and gave me a number for there shop . I towed for them for 20 years and then nothing . There shop said i must of fell of the map and was glad i called them . There waiting for a tow truck from 60 + miles away currently .


jayman306 said:

Anybody have the number for dailmer breakdown.. Can't find it anywhere


dragonwagonII said:

I cant either , nor could i find any partnering stuff on there site . I did through to couch net today , you are required to start on the web site . It would be nice to talk to a rep , see if it is even smothing i want to persue . Rates and so on .


jayman306 said:

Weird. We are set up w paccar.. Quick and simple. But been trying to track down number for dailmer is ridiculous.called hq and receptionist had no clue what I was talking about. Called local freightliner they didn't know either ..hmmmmmm


dragonwagonII said:

After finding and filling out info on line for Fleet net a few days or week ago i got a call from them today , of course they didn't want a tow they wanted a Mech . I got nothing back from them , no idea if they even read my info until they called this morning .

Still haven't tried to do anything with Damiler , got tied up on a project at the shop .


Brinkleys said:

Daimler's phone number is 800-385-4357. Just tell them ur interested in becoming a vendor. Hope this helps


dragonwagonII said:

thanks brinkleys



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