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2014 to 2016 4 each Identically Equipped Ford F550s with Jerr Dan MPL NG Wreckers

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In California, we have what is referred to as Freeway Service Patrols to cruise the Freeway to help stranded motorists, within a 3 to 4 mile area/beat, on an assigned section of a Freeway. That means the truck goes down a freeway in one direction and then gets off, turns around and goes back the opposite direction. Some times the need for a truck might be to clear an accident and sometimes it requires fuel or a tire change, or even a tow off the freeway. Needless to say, the trucks do not get beat up and are subjected to a safety inspection before the truck goes on the beat. Well, I have 4 each similar trucks that just came off their beats and need  to be sold. Preferably all to be sold to one Company. All 4 trucks are equipped identically because they are required to be that way. All equipment goes with each truck. They have all been maintained as required. The trucks are available now because the Contract for that particular beat is done. These trucks need to go with all equipment on them.


There is one 2014 Ford F550 with a new diesel engine installed 32,000 miles ago

There are 2 ea 2015 Ford F550's and one 2016 F550   All the Chassis are on a 84" CA

The Owner would like to sell them all to one party and the prices can be negotiated for a "deal". Or he will sell them singularly.

Interested buyers can call or Text:

                                                         Wally Thornton at 951-575-6393 or E Mail: Wallytte@aol.com

                                                           Financing can be furnished for all or one truck



203 Front.JPG

203 LR.JPG

203 RF.JPG

203 RR.JPG

204 Front.JPG

204 LF.JPG

204 LR.JPG

204 RF.JPG

204 RR.JPG





Tow Truck Exchange Inc.

Wally T - 951-575-6393


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45 minutes ago, Melville said:

Are they all diesel ? Automatic? 2wd ?

prices and mileages on all, as whole and as separate, please

They are all Diesel, all automatic and are all similarly equipped, including the wrecker bodies and loose equipment in/on them


Tow Truck Exchange Inc.

Wally T - 951-575-6393


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